There must be 11 medal classes in Olympic Sailing next time around, but there will be the same number of sailors participating, The International Olympic Committee has decreed that while sailing may add back the Star Class—a perennial favorite sincce the 1930s, the other ten classes will have to cut their entry lists to accommodate the 15 boats to be allowed into the two-person Star Class.

There are 400 sailors allowed to compete in the Olympics. There were 500 allowed to compete before the Star Class was put back in. Therefore, with 15 countries allowed to send Star boats, the international breakdown will look like this before the cut; Sail board classes: Men’s Mistral, 40 men; Women’s Mistral, 30 women; Two person Europe 56 women; Single person Laser, 44 individuals; Single-handed Finn, 30 men; Two man team Men’s 470, 66 men; Two women team women’s 470, 42 women; Two person 49er, 40 individuals; Two person Tornado, 40 individuals; Three person Soling, 48 individuals.

Where the cuts in Sailing will come is anybody’s guess at this time, but in the ever expanding world of running, jumping and the ever-popular weight lifting, one can be assured that although those sports may increase their divisions, the number of athletes will not be reduced or stay static.

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