iosclean.JPG (22286 bytes)Many marinas and boatyards are trying to keep pace with the growing environmental concerns expressed by boaters, government groups and the general public. Some marinas, like Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach, Florida, have presented boaters with guidelines spelling out what substances are considered pollutants and should not enter the water.

These guidelines also identify chemicals, commonly found in cleaning products, which should not get into the water run off when washing a boat. The chemicals include phosphates, ammonia, chlorinated solvents and lye. Such limitations often leave boaters asking, "What products can we use?"

"We like to be able to recommend something," said George Wakefield, harbormaster at Halifax Harbor. "The demonstration of Iosso products has impressed me. We like their ability to biodegrade in hours, not years, like some products."

Iosso manufactures a complete line of specialty cleaning products, including a mold and mildew stain remover, teak cleaner, baitwell/fishbox cleaner and cooler cleaner. Widely available, these products are nontoxic, easy to use and extremely effective. They also come in a concentrated form that makes them easy to ship and store.

The company continues to develop new products to fill the growing need for high-performance, environmentally responsible cleaners.

"Every year, more solvent cleaning products are restricted or banned," said company vice president Marianne Iosso. "Mineral spirits, acetone, toluene, and many others have a 100% volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, something which marinas must minimize. They also have a low flashpoint, making them dangerous to use and store."

"We will be introducing shortly a heavy-duty, non-petroleum based degreaser with a VOC content of just 15% and a flashpoint above 300 F," she said. "This product will be much safer to use and will have a minimal effect on the environment, yet will tackle some of the toughest cleaning jobs."

Iosso said that in addition to monitoring cleaning chemicals, boaters should take note of the greases, oils and other potentially polluting substances that wash off their boats. "The best way to limit any damage from these is to clean boats in a special area designated by the marina. These allow run-off control and prevent pollutants from reaching the open water."

From Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Phone: 847-437-8400.

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