The ultimate tactical tool for PHRF racers - the HandyCap
Designed by a  20 year veteran PHRF sailor and programmed by the developer of the best selling GolfTrac golf software for the Palm Pilot, PHRF handicap racers finally have the ultimate tactical tool. HandyCap
is the only hand-held device that provides PHRF racers with a real-time calculation of how they compare to their competition once the handicap is applied.
For racers this means tacticians can plan their course knowing where they are relative to their competition.  Martin Wilder, guest tactician on an Olson 911  scored three straight firsts the first day he 
used his HandyCap.  Wilder commented after the race, “Sailing with HandyCap is like sailing without handicaps - I always knew how we compared to our fleet. This definitely helped me decide
which boats to cover.”  No longer do racers need to estimate their position for corrected time, the pocket-sized HandyCap does the precise calculation for them, enabling HandyCap owners to make better
Designed for the award-winning 3Com Palm Pilot and IBM WorkPad computers, the hand-held HandyCap doesn’t require a trip to the navigation table, so skippers and tacticians can stay focused on the race. Your position
is always displayed so there’s no more guess work during the race, or at the finish line.
To learn more about the HandyCap, or download a free demonstration copy, visit the website at