Smart-Fill Fuel Can Offers Convenience and No-Mess Refueling

gascan.JPG (8407 bytes)With the new Smart-Fill Fuel Can from Briggs & Stratton, boaters no longer need to worry about splashing or dripping gasoline into the water or onto their boat. The innovative can and nozzle system provides users with no-spill refueling that eliminates the mess and inconvenience of the task. The Smart-Fill Fuel Can features a unique spill-resistant nozzle. The "smart" nozzle opens only when fully inserted into the tank and shuts off automatically when the tank is full or when the nozzle is removeed, preventing drips and spillage caused by overfilling.

Environmentally, the Smart-Fill Fuel Can is a smart choice. Briggs & Stratton introduced the Smart-Fill to stop fuel and vapors from escaping during usage, storage and transport with a no-vent design and nozzle lock. The nozzle opens only when fully inserted into the tank. When the nozzle is removed from the tank, the opening automatically closes and the nozzle returns to a locked position. This innovative system significantly reduces the release of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, helping to protect the environment. Spilling just one tablespoon of gasoline causes as much pollution as operating a mower for one hour. The innovative and technologically advanced features of the Smart-Fill Fuel Can have earned it a 1997 R&D 100 Award. The Smart-Fill Fuel Can retails for approximately $20 and is available at home centers, mass merchants and authorized Briggs & Stratton service locations.

For more information or to order a fuel can, consumers can call 1-800-236-2426.