The National Sailing Industry Association calls it "Discover Sailing." It’s a countrywide program designed for everyone who has every wondered how it feels to breeze through the water in a modern sailboat but, who has never been further away from shore than the end of a dock. And, it all begins with a free phone call to 1-800-535-SAIL.

When the call is made you touch-tone enter where you live or plan to vacation, the caller is sent a list of participating sailing schools or dealers. You can then establish a date and time with the school or dealership of your choice, and get a hands-on taste of what you’ve been missing.

The sailboat ride (with a professional skipper at the helm), like the telephone call, is free and best of all, there are no strings attached, no sales pitches. There’s nothing but the cool, clean sound and feel of wind and water.

If you plan to attend a boat show this year, several will be providing Discover Sailing free rides. The Newport, RI Used Boat Show, May 14-17 is first on the agenda , and will be followed by Racine, WI, August 20-23 , as well as Newport, Sept. 17-20, Liberty Landing , (Jersey City, NJ) Sept. 17-20, and Norwalk, CT, Sept. 24-27.

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