New Flare Launcher Outdistances the Competition

In situations needing the use of a flare gun, getting spotted can mean the difference between life and death. A new, handheld flare launcher, developed by Skyblazer, launches shells up to 450’, nearly twice the height of products currently on the market.

The Extended Range Launcher combines a unique extended barrel with 12-gauge shells to provide this additional launching height. An 8-second flare burn time gives rescuers time to pinpoint the boater’s location. The launcher and four shells are packaged together in a convenient, compact one-piece unit that can be quickly retrived. When closed, the launcher fits in the palm of a hand. It also floats.

The three red shells are used for emergencies. A white shell is for locating and test purposes in non-emergency situations. The launcher works with any brand of flare shells.

Firing the flare is easy. A shell is placed into the launcher, and the slide is pushed forward, away from the body, untill it locks into position. Then the launcher can be fired.

Suggested retail price for the Skyblazer Extended Range Launcher is $45.14. A refill pack of three red flares costs $9.

From Skyblazer Inc., 1700 Via Burton, Anaheim, CA 92806.

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