ALEXANDRIA, VA - April 22 is Earth Day and boaters can observe this special day by doing their part to reduce pollutants that end up in our air and waters, advises the BOAT/U.S. Clean Water Trust.

Stash Your Trash

• Keep cigarette butts out of the water. Thousands wash up on shore daily.

• Be sure fishing lines return to port with you.

• Pick up shore side litter so it doesn’t find its way into the water.

• Take sandwiches and snacks from home in reusable containers.

Help Stop the Drops

• At the fuel dock, don’t trust the automatic shutoff on the gas nozzle.

• Close portable gas tank vents when not in use to reduce vapors going into the air.

• To reduce exhaust emissions, keep the engine tuned to the manufacturer’s specifications.

• To conserve fuel, minimize engine idling and operate at speeds within the engine’s most efficient range.

• Recycle waste oil and use an oil-soaking pillow in the bilge to catch leaks and prevent spills.

Sewage Suggestions

• Use onshore rest rooms while at the dock.

• Don’t dump untreated sewage in inland and protected waters.

Call 1-800-ASK-FISH to find pumpout stations for your holding tank.

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