The 2001S Sail Pilot New from ComNav

autopilo.JPG (16800 bytes)A unique auto pilot adjusts to the demanding requirements of steering a sail vessel regardless of unpredictable and quick changing winds. It offers precise navigation with no unexpected gybes.

The 2001S Sail pilot from ComNav, senses wind shifts and automatically applies the correct amount of weather-helm. It steers with one degree course changes and has a heading resolution of .5 degrees.

While some auto pilots may surprise their owners with a sudden gybe, this unit prevents unexpected turns. Alarms indicate when a gybe is commanded or when sailing by the lee.

The 2001S can be interfaced with most 360 degree windvances at the touch of a button. It delivers both automatic tacking and automatic trim control for a all types of sailing vessels.

The Sail pilot’s simple to use controls include adjustable rudder gain, counter rudder gain, yaw and turn rate. Other steering features include rudder speed control, dodge and three-turn functions. These user-friendly features make sailing hassle-free.

Port and starboard arrow keys allow for course adjustments, while a power steering feature is included for added maneuverability. With auto compensation correcting flux gate compass deviations, it is sure to steer any vessel straight.

With a tough, water-resistant case, the control head can be mounted in any exposed location. An optional, waterproof remote control can steer the boat from anywhere on board. The 2001S has inputs for up to eight remotes when optional remote expanders are installed.

A large LCD display is back lit for nighttime viewing and also provides automatic dimming and adjustable minimum brightness. Special graphic displays were specifically designed for the sailboat market.

Sailors have a choice of navigation methods, including up to two Loran, GPS or course plotters using a dual input interface. One data output provides N+1, Furano AD10S or NMEA 0183 compass heading information for radars of SatNav.

Audio alarms and visual error displays alert the owner if there are problems with the unit.

Weighing just 3.25 lb.., the Sail pilot uses six to nine watts. A solenoid output operates steering valves and draws up to 3 amps.

Suggested retail price for the 2001S Sail pilot with flux gate compass is $3,728 US.

From ComNav, 1915 Stainsbury Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5N 2M6. Phone: 800-428-0212 or 604-872-3000.

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