New Easy-to-Connect Battery Clamps Inhibit Corrosion

clamps.JPG (18727 bytes)Marine battery terminals need protection from the elements to prevent corrosion. New, easy-to-connect and disconnect clamps cover terminals to inhibit corrosion and improve battery efficiency.

Terminal Jaws, from Camun Corp., are clamps made from 85% copper, and coated to help eliminate corrosion and last in the marine environment. They can be assembled and installed in about 5 minutes. Once installed, they allow the boater to disconnect and connect the clamps from the battery posts in seconds. Grasping the clamp and pulling the cable releases the jaws.

A sturdy, plastic cover keeps moisture off terminals, protecting them from corrosion. These clamps also provide better connection than traditional lead ones.

Tapered gripping teeth, and a stainless steel spring inside the unit, create a high connection on the terminal that won’t vibrate off, yet simplify hook-up and disconnection. Terminal Jaws work on both top and side post batteries. The terminal cover can be pulled back for easy charging. A stainless steel bolt permits the attachment of accessories.

Approximate retail price for a pair of Terminal Jaws is $14.95.


Camun Corporation,
PO Box 691587
Tulsa, OK 744169-1587.
Phone: 800-252-6403

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