Team SCA Ready for the Challenge

Tomorrow, Saturday, Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015, will kick off with the Inort Race in Alicante. For SCA it brings to a close almost two years of training and preparation. Finally it is time to race.

“It’s going to be fantastic to take on this challenging race”, says Sam Davies skipper of Team SCA.

The seven teams in this twelfth edition of the Volvo Ocean Race have been in Alicante, Spain, for some weeks, and everyone is eager to get out on the water to start racing.

SCA Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015
SCA Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015

While the result of the In Port race does not count against the overall results, in the event of a tiebreak the results of these races will be taken into account, so there is still everything to sail for.

“We have divided this race up into a lot of different races – nine in total (with InPort races in between). All the way we will keep working. We will keep learning. And our goal is to be proud of ourselves when the race is over”, says - Sam Davies, who is well aware that a lot of people around the world will follow Team SCA and their efforts very closely.

“In the same way that we have been inspired by all the women, and men, that have done this race before us, we hope that if we can perform well, we can be good role models and hopefully we can inspire girls to start sailing or do any sport,” she says.

It is the first time in twelve years there is a female crew on the start line in Volvo Ocean Race (Amer Sports Too 2001/02) and nine years since a woman last competed in the race (Adrienne Cahalan, Brasil 1, 2005/06).

The advent of the new One Design Volvo Ocean 65 has opened the opportunity for women to be able to compete equally. All teams will have the same boat, the same sails and the same equipment, so the only difference is the team onboard.

Like most sports teams SCA runs a squad system and selecting the eleven crew to sail this first leg has not been an easy task for the team:

“We have a squad of fourteen women (including the OnBoard Reporter), so we will have two sailing crew in reserve all the time. The benefit is that we will always have crew that are ‘fresh’ and fit for a leg and it also gives us flexibility. However, it is always a difficult decision as there are, of course, pros and cons for each configuration.”

Leg One to Cape Town, South Africa, starts on October 11, 2014. The fleet is due to complete the 6,487-mile leg on about November 4, 2014.

Team SCA Crew – InPort Race & Leg One

1. Sally Barkow – Driver & Trimmer
2. Carolijn Brouwer – Driver & Trimmer
3. Sophie Ciszek – Bow
4. Sam Davies – Skipper & Watch Captain
5. Abby Ehler – Pit & Boat Captain
6. Libby Greenhalgh – Navigator
7. Sara Hastreiter – Bow & Pit
8. Stacey Jackson – Bow
9. Annie Lush - Trimmer
10. Justine Mettraux – Trimmer & Driver
11. Liz Wardley – Watch Captain
12. Corinna Halloran – OnBoard Reporter

Victoria Low
Communication Director Team SCA


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