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Davis - Rubber Clamp Mounts Anywhere, Grips Up To 7.5 inches

Vessels of all sizes have an endless assortment of equipment that needs to be stowed. For items that require ready access, there's Quick Fist from Davis Instruments. Offered in two sizes, these patented devices secure a wide range of gear and mount almost anywhere, inside or out.

Quick Fists are manufactured from heavy-duty, UV-resistant, transportation-grade rubber. Internal ridges hold equipment in place, and offer a wide range of clamping diameters and tensions. They're made to withstand extreme temperatures without becoming stiff and inoperable in the cold, or soft and loose in the heat. Non-conductive, they won't rust or corrode.

Sold as a pair, the standard Quick Fist easily mounts with one #10 bolt or screw through the 7/8" W x 2-3/4" L base. It will hold objects from 7/8" to 2-1/4" in diameter, and up to 22 lbs. For heavier items, multiple units can be used. It's perfect for everything from a flashlight to coiled line.

Super Quick Fist is sold individually, and is designed for larger and heavier items like fire extinguishers, and oxygen and CO2 cylinders-anything from 2-1/2" to 7-1/2" in diameter and up to 50 lbs. It installs with three #10 bolts or screws through its 7/8" W x 6" L base.

Davis Instruments - Rubber Clamps, 2-3/4 and 2-1/4 base
Davis Instruments - Rubber Clamps, 7/8" W x 2-3/4" L base and 7/8" to 2-1/4" L base

Davis Instruments' Quick Fist retails for $14.99 for two standard or one Super Quick Fist.


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