Pacific Cup 2014

Sonnen BMW Sponsors Pacific Cup 2014: Bon Voyage with the Ultimate Driving Machine

Pacific Cup 2014 is delighted to announce its new Sonnen BMW landmark sponsorship, according to Suzie Koide, Board of Directors for Pac Cup and Andy Costello the General Manager of Sonnen BMW in San Rafael, California.

“We’re excited to have Sonnen BMW join us, with their long-standing commitment to quality engineering and racing success,” Koide said. “Sonnen BMW will make our skippers and crew lives easier and more rewarding with a lively send-off from Pac Cup Village at Richmond Yacht Club.”

Pac Cup 2014 is still accepting entries for Pac Cup 2014 – the Fun Race to Hawaii. New entrants will join more than 70 skippers, crews, families and friends at Pac Cup Village at Richmond Yacht Club before the race. Between June 30 and July 5, Sonnen BMW will host a “Ride and Drive” to help crews acquire last minute supplies and equipment as they prepare for the crossing. Sonnen BMW hosts the Bon Voyage Party on Saturday July 5, 2014 following the Skipper’s and Navigator’s briefing before the start of the race. Please save the date and join us then. Mark Blackshere of Sonnen BMW invites you to “Experience the difference the people at Sonnen BMW make.”

Sonnen BMW will welcome winners in Hawaii by presenting the Sonnen BMW Division trophies at the awards ceremony in Kaneohe Bay. Expect a stunning lineup of planned and unplanned events at the friendliest club in the Pacific: Kaneohe Yacht Club. You can expect a great time at the finish between Monday July 21st and Friday July 25th, with fun splashing over into the surrounding weekends.

About Pacific Cup -- Dubbed the "FUN RACE to Hawaii," the Pacific Cup has run from San Francisco to Hawaii every year since 1980. With an emphasis on helping racers prepare for the race and a warm and welcoming finish locale, the 2070-mile race has challenged and delighted thousands of racers over its history. In 2014, the race will begin the week of July 6 and finish at the Kaneohe Yacht Club on Oahu. For more information about the Pacific Cup, visit


About Pacific Cup 2014

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