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Sextants provide more than backup navigation

Modern electronics have made navigating simple and easy. But what happens when a boat's navigation system completely fails far from shore? A prepared mariner reaches for a wristwatch, copy of The Nautical Almanac and a Davis Instruments sextant, and continues on the voyage. In fact, the US Navy recently reinstated training its officers in celestial navigation as an alternative to electronic methods of finding one's location.

Celestial navigation can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. But a sextant and the tools needed to find one's way are surprisingly fun and easy to use. Best of all, practice is more important than a detailed knowledge of the subject to accurately find one's position.

Davis Instruments offers three models of sextants to cover a wide range of needs and skill levels. They're constructed of rugged, dimensionally stable, corrosion-proof polymers. Each comes with an instruction booklet.

The company's inexpensive Mark 3 Sextant is perfect for learning the basics of celestial navigation, yet is accurate enough for ocean crossings. Full-sized, it has two sunshades and an easy-to-grip handle.

(from the left) Davis Instruments Mark 25, Mark 3 and Mark 15 sextants
(from the left) Davis Instruments Mark 25, Mark 3 and Mark 15 sextants

Davis Instruments' Mark 15 Sextant is ideal for the serious navigator. It has seven large sunshades, a 3mm x 27mm star scope and a traditional half-silvered mirror. Its 7" frame radius is graduated from 120° to -5° and comes with a drum micrometer that reads 2/10 of a minute of arc.

The top-of-the-line Mark 25 Sextant has all the outstanding features of the Mark 15, but is made with upgraded materials and comes with a Beam Converger™ full horizon mirror. LED illumination and coated optics aid in finding low-light stars and planets.

Davis Instruments' Mark 3 Sextant is $59.99; its Mark 15 Sextant is $239.99; and the Mark 25 Sextant is $279.99. The company also offers tools and accessories to make learning and using a sextant even easier. Its Celestial Navigation Quick Reference Card is perfect for both the student and experienced navigator.

Northern Breezes Sailing School which offers Basic Celestial Navigation courses carries Davis Sextants. Celestial Navigation ASA Courses 117 and 107 ...Safe, fun, learning...


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