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Team SCA start race back to Europe

After a busy time in the City by the Sea, Newport, RI, USA, Team SCA and the five boats in the Volvo Ocean Race set sail at 1400h EST/1700hGMT on Sunday May 17, on the classic leg across the North Atlantic Ocean.

From this moment on the legs just get shorter and more intense. For Leg 7 it is a 2,800 nautical mile sprint across the Atlantic, which is expected to take around eight to nine days. Nevertheless itís a very tough leg where the teams can expect very cold conditions, rough seas and strong winds, big waves, big winds, as well as an area of high pressure. No one can be complacent; that shorter distance doesnít mean it will be any less challenging.

Skipper Sam Davies, and the crew of Team SCA are no strangers to this leg, as they completed the route exactly a year ago in preparation for the race. "This leg is more of a sprint, which means we will have to push even harder. But for sure we want to stay in sight of the others to the end this time. The North Atlantic is dangerous, it is rough and anything can happen. It can throw up some challenges and I am sure this time it will be no different".

Team SCANew15 - RT3829

Team SCANew15 - RT4270

Team SCANew15 - RT4360

"The atmosphere here has been amazing. Itís great for Newport and itís great for the Volvo Ocean Race to see so many people out here today. Although I am sure the huge spectator fleet out there for the start will make life interesting for the sailors - itís great news for the race and the teams. Thanks to everyone in Newport for a great stopover," - Sam Davies.

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Crew List Leg 7
Carolijn Brouwer (NED); Sally Barkow (USA); Dee Caffari (GBR); Sophie Ciszek (AUS/USA); Sam Davies (GBR); Abby Ehler (GBR); Libby Greenhalgh (GBR); Sara Hastreiter (USA), Elodie Mettraux (SUI); Justine Mettraux (SUI), Liz Wardley (AUS), Anna-Lena Elled (SWE) OnBoard Reporter.

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80 percent of SCA's consumers are women, and through its everyday products the company supports women empowerment and freedom to participate fully in society Ė socially, educationally and professionally Ė by giving them access to hygiene products and education about hygiene solutions. SCA is ranked as a global sustainability leader both when it comes to people and nature targets. Team SCA Women Ocean Racing is participating in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 with an all-female crew. SCA is entering the race with the world's best women offshore-racing sailors, who have the ability to work together as a high-performing team.

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