Walker Bay Boats Inc. has expanded its fleet to include a revolutionary line of performance RIBs and Inflatables: Genesis and Odyssey. Andrew Taylor, President of Walker Bay Boats, says, “This impressive new line redefines the market for small Inflatables by combining performance, ingenuity and aesthetics in one package. Walker Bay now offers the most complete range of tender choices available from a single manufacturer.”

Odyssey from Walker Bay.

Designed to Perform
The new finely tuned Genesis hull design combined with Walker Bay’s proprietary High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) construction, ensures a smooth solid ride while absorbing vibration and cutting easily through rough chop. The light hull and trim tabs enable the boats to plane quickly so smaller engines achieve greater speeds. With 25 hp on the 340 or 15 hp on the 310, the boats plane in less than 3 seconds, reaching speeds up to 25 knots. The new V-hull design incorporates dynamic hull channels, integrated trim tabs, and a V-Lift™ recess in the stern keel. These features combine to improve water flow, optimize planing performance and improve maneuverability at high speeds. Stiffer and lighter than fiberglass, the aluminum reinforced transom further contributes to its unmatched performance versus other RIBs.

Genesis from Walker Bay.

Smart Spacious Design for Comfort
The innovative Genesis tube design has a continuing taper which offers a wider bow area for more internal space and easier entry to the boat. Shaped to support body contours, the padded ergonomic seat has an integrated lid that can be lifted to reveal a versatile storage unit with a removable compartmented storage tray. Below the tray is space for a fuel tank to be secured. There is also space for the fuel line to run under the floor boards to the engine. An optional ventilated storage bag is great for storing life jackets, etc., under the seat. In the bow, dry storage with flush access handles is easily accessible. Placed individually within easy reach on each side of the boat are three webbing handles, while a separate bow handle and two aft handles have been placed upright for carrying the boat.

Walker Bay Genesis.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain
Unlike any other line of smaller RIB’s, Genesis makes use of a removable tube system. If a tube is damaged it may be removed easily by a dealer and a new tube can be installed without glue. There are two integrated wheels in the aft underside of the boat making it easy for one person to roll the boat on a boat ramp. The virtually indestructible one-piece HIMC hull can be dragged up on the rocks and the replaceable keel strip in the bow gives added protection for this high wear area when pulling the boat up on the shore. All boats have three integrated davit lifting eyes that work with crane style davit systems

Innovative Features Make it Worthwhile
All Genesis boats have a removable non slip-floor that inserts into hull channels with flush fitting quick release clips. The floor is slotted for drainage and there are slots to strap down coolers, gas tanks, etc. The anti-splash guard rub rail is specially designed and positioned for a drier ride. The Genesis RT (rigid transom), FT (folding transom) and Odyssey Air (air floor) have telescopic aluminum oars that clip alongside the tube inside the boat. All boats have a bow eye for easy towing and Walker Bay’s Hydro Curve™ oar blades for better rowing.

A Complete Line with 21 Different Boats
Genesis is comprised of four models of RIBs: Genesis RT (rigid transom) and Genesis FT (folding transom), in three sizes, 340, 310, and 270 and, Genesis RTL (rigid transom light) and Genesis FTL (folding transom light) each in the 310 and 270 size. Both the Genesis RT and FT are available in Hypalon. The Odyssey line of roll-up Inflatables is comprised of two models: Odyssey Air (air floor) in four sizes, 340, 310, 270 and 240, and Odyssey SL (slatted floor) in the 240 size.

Under Seat Storage is a big plus!

About Walker Bay Boats
Walker Bay Boats Inc. combines expert design and state-of-the-art manufacturing to create a range of award-winning boats that are versatile in function, exceptionally durable and of the highest quality. Through the efficiencies of their unique “nested” shipping method, they are sold on every continent and in over 50 countries as the ideal boat tender, fun sailing vessel, quiet fishing dinghy and all-round recreational boat. Walker Bay Boats Inc. has operations in Union Gap, Washington, designers in Brittany, France and administrative offices in Vancouver, Canada.

For more details on the product or to request more information on dealers please email info@walkerbay.com or call (604)682-5699.