Matt Chem Marine Products

Matt Chem offers very powerful eco-friendly cleaners that work very well and we are looking to see if you will be doing an article on “green” cleaners in the near future. I am looking to have Matt Chem tested and compared to other eco-friendly cleaning products on the market. We have personally tested the products and have sold out of products in 3 major boat shows. Please contact me back for any additional information.

Matt Chem Marine - Products

ECO-Friendly Chemicals & Cleaners for Vesel Maintenance

Matt Chem Marine Products

Since 1983, Matt chem has been a creator of maintenance products and concepts for industrial and marine applications. Products and solutions created by Matt Chem confirm to the legal requirements, notably the EEC regulatory requirements with respect to biodegradability and eco-toxicity which requires careful selection of the raw materials. It goes without saying that Matt Chem is concerned with the future impact of its products on the environment and as such in minimizing any effect on plant and animal life in the marine environment. Therefore, our motto remains "A clean sea for future generations". Our products for boat maintenance work very well to provide the boater with an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning and maintaining their vessels. Because they meet the requirements set forth in the regulations, they have been given this title of eco-friendly, go green products that meet the ISO 9001 & 14001 environment standards.