Melges Crowned 2012 CSR Marine Melges 24 U.S. National Champion

17 June 2012 The final day in Seattle at the 2012 CSR Marine Melges 24 U.S. National

Championship, hosted by the Seattle Yacht Club (SYC) concluded with three more races completing a series of eight. Harry Melges, alongside tactician Andy Burdick, and crew comprised of his brother Hans and Matt Woodworth aboard Zenda Express, whipped out an impressive 1-1-1-2-[6]-1-2-1 score line to win by a twelve point margin. Alan Field on WTF and Australia's Warwick Rooklyn on Bandit finished second and third respectively.

Melges went into the final day with a solid six point lead ahead of Rooklyn in second and Field in third. His 1-2-1 on the day safely sealed the deal and the title. For Field and Rooklyn, it was a heated battle with Field getting the upper hand in races seven and eight. Field won race seven while Rooklyn finished fifteenth (also his discard), enabling him to secure second place overall. Capping the top five was Bruce Ayres' Monsoon in fourth and Argyle Campbell on Rock n' Roll finishing fifth.

Congratulations to Stig Osterberg on Midsummer as he and his crew take home top Corinthian honors. Seattle locals Derek Campbell on Banshee and Matt MacGregor/Keith Hammer on Meat Head rounded out the top three in the hotly-contested all-amateur division.

Join the U.S. Melges 24 Class Association for the 2013 National Championship held in conjunction with Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week on April 19-21 in Charleston, S.C.

The U.S. Melges 24 Class wishes to thank PRO Brian Watkins and his team for the very organized and professional race committee work. Special thanks to Brian Ledbetter, Regatta Chair Dave Brede and the entire Seattle Yacht Club for all their hard work and grand hospitality! It was one of the greatest National Championships ever!

Every Melges 24 team should be ramping up for the next two events, in particular the Pacific Coast Championship being held in conjunction with the Columbia Gorge One Design Regatta on August 3-5 and the 2012 North American Championship in San Francisco, California on August 22-26. Teams are encouraged to Register Now for what will be an epic event and the perfect lead up to Worlds in 2013.


  1. Harry Melges, Zenda Express; 1-1-1-2-[6]-1-2-1 = 9
  2. Alan Field, WTF; 2-6-2-3-[15/ZFP]-5-1-2 = 21
  3. Warwock Rooklyn, Bandit; 6-3-6-1-1-11-[15]-5 = 33
  4. Bruce Ayres, Monsoon; 10-4-13-7-3-6-[20]-4 = 47
  5. Argyle Campbell, Rock n' Roll; 11-2-3-5-7-12-[25]-8 = 48
  6. Dan Kaseler, PTeron; 4-5-11-4-[25/ZFP]-3-5-16 = 48
  7. Doug Wilhelm, Wilco; 8-8-5-12-[15]-8-3-6 = 50
  8. Don Jesberg, Viva; 7-7-4-17-10-2-4-[35/DNF] = 51
  9. Jonny Goldsberry, NOR*CAL; 5-9-14-13-9-[35-DNF]-7-10 = 67
  10. Guy Mossman, Battle Rhythm; 17-19-12-6-2-10-[28]-9 = 75


  1. Stig Osterberg, Midsummer
  2. Derek Campbell, Banshee
  3. Keith Hammer/Matt MacGregor, Meat Head
  4. Sophie Stukas/Michael Bond, Honey Bucket
  5. Glenn Klute, Trophy Wife