iPad, iPhone: Video journalist and travel writer introduce sailing app


Caroline Duvivier - Video journalist Caroline Duvivier
Video journalist

"At sea, filming and
editing are really challenging
butbr we do live unforgettable moments!"
Hughes Bigo - Travel writer Hughes Bigo
Travel writer

"The trip is a pretext. I like to wander and meet people, to hear their stories and their experiences."
Caroline and Hughes live aboard Documentary Series

Caroline and Hughes live aboard Loïck, a custom 40ft steel sloop. Together they are taking a journey without return date, embarking on a life of sailing dedicated to making documentaries and videos for a wide audience who shares their enthusiasm for travel and the sea.

The voyage: From Paris to the English Channel,
The Bay of Biscay, Morocco, Cape Verde, Brazil, Patagonia, Cape Horn, Pacific Ocean, Asia ...

Sailing: Getting ready to go, Cruising on the Seine, Do It Yourself, Circumnavigation, Dropping Anchor ...

In the App Store to Celebrate 1 Year at Sea

The LOICK EXPLORER app is divided into two sections:

- NAVIGATION: where you can follow the boat in real time, see weather and marine traffic, read the radio messages and more;

- PORTS OF CALL: where you can watch HD documentaries, slideshows and read all stories produced by the crew in the headings LE TV, SMOOTH LOG, BOATS and the CREW's QUARTER.

The LOICK EXPLORER documentaries presented in the PORTS OF CALL section are pay in-app episodes. The purchasing process is completed directly from within Loick Explorer and is seamless to the user with the App Store platform.

The app is priced US$ 4.99 for sale in App Stores. The purchase of the app includes Episode1: From Paris to the Sea. The price of each addtional in-app episode is US$ 3.99. The contents of the NAVIGATION section are free to access.

App Store
HD Documentaries and Videos for iPad and iPhone

Nine episodes of Loick Explorer are available in-app and more will be uploaded as
the boat travels. All contents are in English.

The films are better when viewed in WiFi. The User can change video and photo definition depending on the available Internet bandwidth.

From Paris to the sea

Episode 1: From Paris to the sea

1 A Fresh Water Start 2 Curtain Up on the Seine
3 Bitter Sea - 4 The All-weather Vessel - 5 The Traveller Behind her Camera

The Bel Espoir

Episode 2: The Bel Espoir

1 Work in Progress - 2 Standstill
3 Life on a Shipyard 4 The Bel Espoir
5 The photographer's Pen

Liloo the dolphin

Liloo the dolphin

1 Late - 2 Liloo Scoops Top Prize
3 Mohini, a Sylph - 4 "I'm Off!"
Media Program

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Due to App Store regulations, we unfortunately cannot send our app to the media for evaluation. However, upon request we can provide a special code to members of the media who have downloaded Loick Explorer from the App Store, which will unlock all the in-app episodes. To request this code, please click on
the button below.

Loick Explorer in the App Store Everywhere:
U.S.A. Great Britain Japan Hong-Kong China
France Germany Brazil Canada Australia
New Zealand Argentina Russia

English version in all countries. A French version is included with the application (visit Options).

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More information about the contents

At Chausey archipelago

Episode 4 : At Chausey archipelago

1 High tide at Chausey - 2 A Trial Navigation - 3 A Gigantic Foreshore 4 Salty Prices

The Bay of Biscay

Episode 5: The Bay of Biscay

1 Infernal Bay - 2 Jersey: Fuel and English Girls - 3 The Big Departure - 4 Round the World in 45 Days - 5 B. Stamm, a Top Class Skipper

From Morocco to Cape Verde

Episode 6: From Morocco to Cape Verde

1 Agadir-Mindelo: the Hatch-Hiker 2 Many-Sided Morocco - 3 An Awning at last
4 Morocco for Boats - 5 A Frisky Bay for Aurélie

Cabo Verde 1/3

Episode 7: Cabo Verde 1/3

1 Encounters at Mindelo
2 Discovering São Vicente
3 70ft Awash for Racing
4 The First Blue

Cabo Verde 2/3

Episode 8: Cabo Verde 2/3

1 Tarrafal: Anchoring in Cape Verde, Part 1 - 2 Portfolio Santo Antão: Wow! - 3 Somewhere, Shipwrecked in Cape Verde

Cabo Verde 3/3

Episode 9: Cabo Verde 3/3

1 Tarrafal: Anchoring in Cape Verde 2 - 2 Marina Chief talks up Rule - 3 Equipped for Dropping Anchor - 4 The Dinghy's Keeper - 5 Ethics and a Compressor

Forthcoming Episodes:
- An Ocean Crossed
- Regatta at Cabedelo, Brazil
- Buenos Aires
- Patagonia
- Cape Horn
- Chile
- Crossing the Pacific
- Asia

Due to the uncertainty of circumnavigation and sea-travel, it is always possible that Loick may change her course and the destination as necessary…

For more information about Loick Explorer
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740 avenue des Apothicaires
34090 Montpellier, France