Hubbell - Rapid USB charger ready to come on board

Tech-savvy boaters need plenty of electrical outlets for recharging multiple personal electronics. Hubbell's USB Charger Receptacle provides the ultimate in charging convenience on board, delivering duplex USB and electrical power outlets in a single device.

Hubbell is the only manufacturer to offer a duplex electrical receptacle with two USB ports. It's compatible with any USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 electronic devices, including mobile phones, smart phones, digital readers, MP3 players, GPS units or tablet computers.

The Hubbell USB Charger Receptacle provides a full 3 amps of USB power—enough to charge two tablets simultaneously. Most competitive units produce only 2 amps or less. It will also rapidly recharge a single tablet from 0% to 100% in five to six hours, comparable to most manufacturers' own charging systems. Meanwhile, the twin 15 amp, 125V AC outlets stand ready for traditional electrical plugs.

Hubbell USB Charger
Hubbell USB Charger

Should the Hubbell receptacle become overloaded, it cycles off briefly, then returns to normal function without manual resetting. A green LED light indicates USB power availability.

Featuring Hubbell's Style Line® decorator finish and an attractive flush fit design, the receptacle is ideal for both retrofits and new construction. It installs in a standard electrical box deeper than 1.5" with internal AC/MC clamps. The faceplate measures 2.62" H x 1.30" W.

Meeting the most current standards, this spec-grade, tamper-resistant receptacle is cULus listed to UL498 and UL1310. It also complies with UL94 for 5V flammability rating, battery charging specification USB BC1.2 and Part 15 of the FCC rules. Offered in black, gray, ivory, light almond and white, the Hubbell USB Charger Receptacle retails for $49.99.



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