Mini Transat Ilesde Guadeloupe 2015

Mini-Transat 2015 Summary

December 6, 2015

Mini Transat 2015

Mini Transat 2015   Mini Transat 2015

The 2015 edition of the Mini Transat Iles de Guadeloupe has been widely acknowledged as an exceptional edition. Not just for the weather. Favorable downwind sailing conditions all down the Atlantic from Douranenez to Guadeloupe still remains the dream of every self-respecting Mini sailor. But for a good dish, you need good ingredients to enhance its taste. There were exceptionally good ingredients for the race. The reception the provided from Douarnenez to Pointe-à-Pitre via Lanzarote, provided by the organizing team was both efficient and warm.

But it was the sailors, bearing the values that have always made the Mini Transat special, that were needed for that special character. It is a significant experience in the life of an offshore racer. The 2015 race was distinguished by the true brotherhood of its members: there were great winners, but also great finishers from first to last. Reaching the finish in Guadeloupe is in itself an achievement.

Bertrand Nardin, President of Douarnenez Courses: "When we started in 2013 we were given a blank page. In these four years, we have written a few lines of the story. I do not forget all the work done by volunteers Douarnenez to prepare for this race and the entire organizing team that rallied to its success. I thank them all for their investment."

Henry Bacchini, Vice-President of the French Sailing Federation: "The Mini is a time of of great fraternity. In these difficult times, the Mini spirit is the key and is the basis for offshore racing. Each time a sailor crosses the Atlantic, he comes out more grown up."

News Flash: La Rochelle chosen by the Mini Class for the 2017 and 2019 races

Bertrand Nardin, President of Douarnenez Courses: "We're obviously very disappointed not to be able to continue the work done over the past four years. We wish good luck to the team from La Rochelle. I just want to tell them, above all, take care of the Mini Transat as we have done over these past four years. "

Overall in the Mini Transat Guadeloupe Islands

Ranking Eurovia - Cegelec Prototypes:
- 1st Frederic Denis (Nautipark)
- 2nd Luke Berry (Rêves de Mer)
- 3rd Ludovic Méchin (Microvitae)

Ranking Ocean - Bioactive, Series:
- 1st Ian Lipinski (Entreprises Innonvantes)
- Julien second sprayer (Novintiss)
- The third Tanguy Turquais (Terréal)

Iles de Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce Trophy (Douarnenez - Pointe du Raz):
Frédéric Denis (Nautipark)

Cournouaille Chamber of Commerce Trophy (From the gate at St. Francis - finish line):
Jean-Baptiste Daramy (Chocolats Paries)

CLS Combativity Trophy (most miles travelled): Dominik Lenk (
Aur Caraïbes Trophy (best performance in 24h):
Prototypes: Frederic Denis (Nautipark): 295.57 miles
Series: Julien sprayer (Novintiss): 278.77 miles


The Mini Transat - Îles de Guadeloupe 2015: For the 20th edition and for the second time, the Mini Transat Îles de Guadeloupe returns to its origins with a start from Douarnenez (France). The Breton harbor will see the fleet of 72 solo sailors will set off on the 19th of September to Lanzarote, where the Mini 6,50 will stop before the Atlantic stage start on 31st October. The Mini Transat - Îles de Guadeloupe 2015 solo sailors are expected to finish some three weeks later in Pointe-à-Pitre to a warm Caribbean welcome. The 2,700 nautical mile race from France to the Caribbean is the longest solo race for the smallest of boats. Each solo sailor will be tested to the limit on this unique adventure: a trans-Atlantic race in a small boat and confined space where you have just yourself to depend on.

>> The fastest over 24-hours: Fred Denis in the Prototypes = 295.57 miles at an average speed of 12.3 knots.
>> In the Production boats, Julien Pulvé set a new record = 278.7 miles at an average speed of 11.6 knots.
>> The most miles covered (Prototypes): Dominik Lenk 3,477.28 miles (second leg)
>> The most miles covered (Production boats): Yuri Firsov 2,917.24 miles (second leg)
>> 57 out of 72 starters finished

FRÉDÉRIC DENIS / Winner of the Prototypes / N°800 Nautipark
>> 3rd in the first leg and 1st the second leg
>> Race time: 19d 23h 19min 55secs
>> Number of cups of coffee: 0
>> Other beverages: water, Orangina, Fanta, lemon juice and honey, peach syrup
>> Number of calories consumed per day: 3298 kcal
>> breakfast cereal (400 kcal) + 1.5 freeze dried or canned meals (800 kcal) + 50g of dried fruit (100 kcal) + 1 chocolate bar (545 kcal) + 50g of M&M's (253 kcal) + 6 cereal bars (600 kcal) + 1 packet of charcuterie (300 kcal) + cheese (300 kcal)
>> Number of kilos lost: 6
>> Number of books read: 3.5 crime thrillers
>> Number of hours of music: 3 hours at the finish
>> Number of days without talking to anyone: 9 days because he was so quickly far ahead of the others (except 30 seconds with a cargo ship)
>> Last sentence in the logbook: "Que trépasse si je faiblis" (from the film, Les Visiteurs). After hearing the weather Guadeloupean forecast 35 miles of from Désirade: "Cool, the approach to Guadeloupe looks nice!"
>> Excessive fatigue: "I have a phobia of storms, I thought that there were some when it was probably not the case; I saw lightning, but I never heard thunder."

IAN LIPINSKI / Winner of the Production boat class / N°866 Entreprise(s) Innovante(s)
>> 1st in the first leg and 2nd in the second leg
>> Race time: 22j 09h 36min and 30secs
>> Number of cups of coffee: 15
>> Other drinks: water and lemon water
>> Number of books read: 1, The Three Musketeers
>> Number of calories consumed per day: 1,526 kcal
>> 1.5 canned meals (800 kcal) + 1 piece of fruit (110 kcal) + 2 snickers (616 kcal)
>> "I threw everything into the water three days before the finish because of the sudden stress of losing the overall lead, I even emptied my juice drinks."
>> Number of kilos lost: in theory zero...
>> Number of hours of music: 0 on the first leg, 8 on the second
>> Number of days without talking to anyone: the last 2 days
>> Last sentence on the logbook, 3 hours before finishing: "I just got hit by a squall, I was left in a heap, I am done physically, nervously ... and I have lost."
>> Excessive fatigue: "I had a very difficult wake-up, I had the feeling of looking at the sky and being outside while I was deep in my boat. I thought there were people on deck doing manuvers and wondered what they were doing. "


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