Pacific Cup 2016: NOR posted, Entries now open.

Pacific Cup 2016: NOR posted, Entries Now Open !!!

The holidays brought the completion of the Notice of Race for the 2016 FUN race to Hawaii. You may see the NOR here.

With the completion of the NOR, we've opened up our signups too. Submission of an initial entry fee will create your online entry form -- streamlined and 100% paperless this year -- and get you well on your way to the experience of a lifetime.

The biggest change in the NOR this year is the use of the USSailing Equipment List rather than the much more unwieldy ISAF list from prior years. As in the past, it will be amended by our race documents, and racers may anticipate that the overall set of requirements will be roughly similar to those in prior years.

So, think it over, toast the new year, and be the first in your harbor to sign on up!

Pacific Cup 2016: Entries now open.
Pacific Cup 2016: Entries now open.

Riggers note: ISAF has barred the use of Spectra lifelines in future, and Pac Cup may adopt this stricture.

Hey, as long as you are planning ahead, why not sign up for a safety seminar?

Check the USSailing site for other events.

These seminars are required for most Category 1 races, such as the Pacific Cup, and will satisfy Category 2 (coastal and near-shore) race requirements as well, where required by the organizers. The ISAF two-day seminars are good for international races as well as US.



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