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Owners of older boats will often spend countless hours maintaining their prized possession to a "like-new" condition, only to discover that its fuel or water tank has started to leak. Their worries of an extensive undertaking are quickly allayed with a call to Florida Marine Tanks. Since 1974, the company has built a reputation for providing quality metal replacement and OEM fuel, water and holding tanks.

Florida Marine Tanks has an extensive library of tank drawings dating back to the company's founding. "We have information on boats that haven't been in production for decades," said Rosemarie Fiori, president. "This is more than history for us, it's about long-term customer service." If the company doesn't have a drawing, it can easily fabricate a replacement unit with a sketch, measurements and dimensions, component requirements and location.

Leaks commonly develop when a fuel, water or holding tank rests on the bottom of the boat and comes in contact with eroding moisture. Fuel tanks suffer further when water intrudes, enabling algae growth inside that releases highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide. Having the unit pressure tested is the surest way to determine whether a leak exists.

Some boat owners attempt to patch a leaking tank, but this tends to be shortsighted. "Not only is patching a makeshift solution, but it can open up a dangerous situation where highly volatile or simply unpleasant odors are leaked into the boat," said Orestes Monterrey, engineering director. And, if there is ready access onboard, replacement can be a relatively straight-forward project for a boat owner.

The advantages of a metal replacement tank over plastic are many. Each is custom-made to ensure precise fitting and make the most of available space. They can be built with internal baffles to reduce fluid slosh and finished with Ceram-Kote or epoxy for additional protection. Unlike plastic, they're highly puncture resistant and don't permeate.

Florida Marine Tanks Inc.

Florida Marine Tanks uses the highest-quality aluminum and stainless steel. Each product is built for a specific project to ensure the level of quality for which the company is known for. Every tank is subjected to rigorous testing, and meets or exceeds ABYC and NMMA standards.


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