Marelon® Clear View Hose Connectors

See System Water Flow to Locate Clog Source at a Glance

Clear View Fittings - 2779
Clear View Fittings - 2779

Forespar's new Marelon® Clear View Hose Connectors show water flow at a glance. When located throughout the system, they allow for an easy way to isolate clogs without guessing where they are or removing unnecessary hoses to check flow. Clear View Connectors basically make each connection point a quick visual inspection port to the actual operating flow.

Made from an extremely tough clear polycarbonate material by DuPont®, Clear View Hose Connectors are strong, lightweight, will never corrode or be subject to electrolysis. Usable below or above the waterline, they are ABYC compliant and compatible with most marine raw water intake strainers and valves.

Clear View Hose Connectors use marine standard NPSM threads that work on all Forespar Marelon® Water Strainers and Valves or any other metal marine valve or fitting with NP parallel threads. Available in both straight and 90º elbows in hose diameters ranging from 1/2" to 2", Clear View Connectors can be adapted to most existing water systems. Not For Use With Fuels, Anti-freeze or Solvents

Forespar® is one of the oldest, most established boat hardware manufacturers in the United States. Their diverse line of marine products includes carbon fiber poles, Leisure Furl™ boom furling systems, Marelon® plumbing fittings and numerous other marine related products.


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