Scorpion Marine Coatings Provide Durable and High Traction Surface for Boat Decks and Docks

Scorpion Marine Coatings provide a durable, colorfast, non-skid surface for your boat deck, dock ramps, storage compartments, and platforms. Adheres to virtually any material including wood, metal, and fiberglass, and is not affected by moisture. Scorpion functions as both a tough outer surface andas a moisture barrier. Available Air Texture Gun allows users to effortlessly vary coating thickness, and customize texture from glass smooth to extremely coarse. Optional granular additives are available to add even more texture and non-skid properties. Scorpion Marine Coatings come in black, grey or tan, and can also be highly customized with vehicle paint pigments. Special UV inhibitors ensure the coating will last for many years in direct sunlight. Used by boat manufacturers and custom boat builders, Scorpion is great for professional use or do-it-yourself projects.Scorpion Coatings are also available for other applications including pickup bed liners. Proudly made in the USA.

Scorpion Marine Coatings


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