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Accessories Increase Stove Owners’ Options

Shown (clockwise from left) are the Origo 4300E alcohol/electric with glass lid, the 4100 alcohol stove with cutting board, the 2000 alcohol stove with potholders and the 3000 stove with gimbals.

Known for efficiency, reliability and ease of use, the performance of Origo is comparable to that of conventional appliances. To enhance these qualities, the company also offers accessory options that add good looks, safety and space efficiency to the galley or other cooking area.

Origo’s custom wood cutting board is patterned to fit the contour of the stovetop. It has an attractive appearance, and at the same time, adds a functional item to the galley.

A tempered glass lid is another option available on certain Origo stove models. While the stove is in use, the hinged cover locks in place vertically. When the glass lid is lowered, it conceals the stove’s cooking element and provides an attractive additional counter area for food preparation.

When underway, the optional potholders hold pots and pans safely and securely. Made of durable stainless steel, they prevent pots from shifting or falling, thus avoiding dangerous spills, burns and injuries at sea.

The gimbal sets available on the Origo freestanding alcohol stoves allow the stove to be mounted in place, yet retain portability. The gimbals help avoid potential spills and burns by keeping the cooking surface level, independent of the boat’s motion. Suggested retail prices range from $50 to $130 for these accessories.

Contact: Origo

New Composite Winch is Ideal For Small Sailboats

A good winch must be tough and reliable in any circumstance. Forespar understands this and now offers the owners of small, trailerable sailboats a winch made from the advanced composite Marelon. This unique material provides excellent strength and eliminates corrosion problems.

Designed for use with sheets and halyards, the winch handles up to 180 square feet of sail. It has a safe working load of more than 1,000 pounds and has been pull tested to 2,000 pounds. Yet, thanks to the lightweight properties of Marelon, the winch itself weighs less than a pound.

The unit accepts standard, star-drive handles. It achieves an 8:1 power ratio with a 10” handle and a 6:1 power ratio with an 8” handle.

Measuring 3-3/8” high, the compact winch has a base diameter of 3-5/8” and a top diameter of 3-1/4”. The drum diameter is 2-7/16”.

Forespar offers a broad line of sailing equipment, including spars, pole end fittings, mast cars, safety devices, tiller extensions, davits, furling systems and Marelon plumbing.

Suggested retail price for Forespar’s new Marelon winch is $64. From Forespar, 949-848-8820.

New Extension Masts Provide Sturdy Antenna Support

Boaters who want an extra-sturdy extension mast for mounting GPS, TV or other antennas on their boat should consider Shakespeare’s new line of heavy-duty extension masts. Made of stainless steel, they handle rough seas and heavy winds while keeping the antenna firmly anchored.

The new line includes the 6” style 4700, the 1’ style 4700-1 and the 2’ style 4700-2 masts. Each comes with standard male and female, 1”-14 thread fittings for attachment to antenna bases. The fittings also allow the masts to be connected to one another to creat a larger, combined unit. A large mast can be used to keep an antenna raised well above the surrounding superstructure to enhance its range.

Suggested retail prices of the stainless steel extension masts are $17.95 for the 4700, $28.95 for the 4700-1 and $39.95 for the 4700-2.

From Shakespeare C & E

New Epoxy Tackles a Variety of Repair Jobs

Boaters seeking a high-performance epoxy for important repair and construction jobs should check out new FlexPoxy from Pettit Marine Paints. This versatile epoxy quickly repairs hulls and topsides made of feberglass, wood, steel or aluminum.

FlexPoxy creates a strong, seamless bond that can be planed, sanded or nailed into after full cure. Yet it remains highly elastic and conforms to the shape and texture of the materials being bonded. FlexPoxy won’t sag, run or shrink. It can be tinted with oil-based, polyurethane or epoxy paints during application and painted without the need for primer after cure.
Originally developed for the aircraft industry, FlexPoxy can be used at temperatures ranging from 40 degrees F to 90 degrees F. Optimum working time is 20 to 25 minutes at 70 degrees F, with a full cure in 16 hours.

The FlexPoxy dosing gun dispenses the proper ratio of resin and hardener, and 450-ml re-sealable cartridges eliminate waste. FlexPoxy also comes in a 50-ml, two-component, burst seal package, which allows easy mixing and application for smaller projects. THis smaller package does not require a dosing pistol. FlexPoxy Epoxy is solvent-free and has no VOCs.

Suggested retail price of a 450-ml, two component package of Pettit FlexPoxy is $59.95. The dual-tube dosing pistol is $18.95. Suggested retail price of the 50-ml burst seal package is $9.95.

From Pettit Marine Paint, 800-221-4466.