New Recessed Alcohol Stove is Safe and Versatile

Alcohol Stove

Cooking with butane or propane aboard can be a dicey affair with the ever-present risk of explosion. Owners can relax with the new CookMate™ 4200 recessed double burner alcohol stove featuring the SafeFlame™ fuel canister system.

The non-pressurized SafeFlame stainless steel canister system contains a non-flammable wick material that absorbs approximately 1-1/4 qts. of safe, clean alcohol fuel. In contrast to pressurized systems, the SafeFlame canister has no awkward hoses or valves requiring laborious priming and pumping. Alcohol fuel is also easily extinguished with water.

The CookMate 4200 generates 6,800 Btu of heat per burner. This efficient stove can boil 1-1/4 qts. of water in 8 minutes and burn for 4-1/2 hours per fill.

To add to its beauty, the CookMate 4200 is flush-mounted to create an uninterrupted workspace. Its custommade bamboo cutting board fits neatly over the stove. Even with repeated washing, the hardwood board won't warp. This compact, attractive stainless steel stove measures
5-7/8" H x 22-7/16" W x 14-3/16" D.
The CookMate 4200 recessed double burner alcohol stove retails for $379.95.

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