Electric Yacht - Electric Propulsion Systems for Sailboats and Snailboats

Electric YachtAnnouncing QuieTorque™, an upgraded line of electric propulsion systems from Electric Yacht.

Electric Yacht has upgraded the electric motors at the heart of its Systems with "brushless" motors that are completely spark-free, and totally maintenance free. There are still three Systems to choose from designed to fit monohull and multihull watercraft.

QuieTorque™ auxiliary propulsion systems from Electric Yacht are designed specifically for re-powering sailboats with ailing internal combustion engines. They are also perfect for launches and other "snailboats" that travel at slower speeds.

Every System includes a quiet electric motor, motor controller, multifunction battery monitor, single-lever throttle, shaft coupling, master switch, fuse and solenoid. Carefully engineered and crafted components fit together in a "plug 'n' play" fashion so that the average sailor can install the system. For those "un-DIYs," a network of dealer/installers is growing with steady additions of marine service shops and professionals.

QuieTorque Front ViewThere are several options when it comes to battery banks. Least costly are trolling motor and golf cart batteries, followed by Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. LiFePO4 (lithium based) batteries are about four times the cost of the cheapest alternative, but last 5 times longer. Thanks to the auto industry's move toward plug-in cars, mass production quantities will keep lithium based battery prices from rising.

Recharge options include re-generation from spinning the prop under sail, shore power, solar panels, wind generators, and on-board gen-sets for extended offshore cruising.

The lower cost of an electric installation is an added bonus. Even including typical batteries, the cost runs less than replacing the existing auxiliary.

It is also neutral in weight, because removed from the boat are engine block, fuel and tankage, filler and vent tubes, exhaust system and starting batteries. Using the 60% lighter LiFePO4 batteries, will likely provide a net reduction.

The true Electric Yacht benefits: the elimination of fossil fuels, noise, smell, fumes, dirty bilges and transoms and on-going maintenance of an ICE and all its ancillary systems.

Electric Yacht systems increase boat maneuverability as power is instantly available whenever needed and their high torque motors can go from full forward to full reverse in mere seconds. Think MOB drill!

Electric Yacht Side ViewEnjoy peaceful motoring to get to the race course, out to your favorite sailing spaces, or sundown cruising around the marina-- all at the flick of a switch!

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