Host of Hospice Championship Wins Prestigious Award

McLean, VA – Rochester Yacht Club has won the coveted St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy for its outstanding organization and management of the 2010 Hospice Regattas National Championship.

Awarded by US Sailing, the national sailing association, the honor is based on ballots by event competitors as well as reports from the protest committee and the Principal Race Officer (PRO), who is in charge of running the races.  Criteria include preparedness, conduct, decision-making and execution by the race committee and the many others whose volunteer efforts made the difference.

“This turned out so well because of the club board’s support and the hard work of the planning committee, onshore volunteers and club staff, the National Hospice Regatta Alliance and, of course, the excellent race committee team members” said PRO Wayne Bretsch.

2010 was the 2nd year of Rochester YC’s 3-year commitment to host the annual Hospice Regattas championship, to which representatives from 26 hospice regattas nationwide are invited.  The hospice championship is the only national sailing event celebrating charity regattas.  “It is unique,” notes Bretsch, “because competitors not only are winners from their local regattas, they are there in support of the Hospice concept.”

Local hospice regattas raise awareness and funds for hospices in their communities.  Since the first hospice regatta in 1982, over $14 million has reached those local hospices. The money is used to provide expert medical care and assistance to patients at the end of life -- and help to their families -- regardless of insurance coverage or other ability to pay.

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