The Cruising Woman’s Advisor

The cruising life offers adventure, exotic destinations, and expansive opportunities for personal growth. But considering such a life raises endless questions: What do I need to learn? What do I do if my partner falls overboard? How will our relationship be tested at sea?

The Cruising Woman’s Advisor is not a manual, but inspiration about the practicalities of living aboard – making friends, staying in touch, caring for your children, career options, hygiene, “inventory reduction,” finances – in short, a comprehensive guide, geared specifically toward women setting out for the cruising life.

“For the average woman who is just starting out, a little nervous and intimidated, even the most seemingly obvious piece of information could be completely pivotal for her.” So here is a book that addresses the cruising lifestyle, not the event of cruising itself. Lifelong cruiser and circumnavigator Diana Jessie starts, with advice on:

  • Cruising roles and relationships
  • What life at sea is really like
  • Children on board – from toddlers to adolescents
  • How to make a boat your home
  • Identifying dangers and putting them in perspective

This updated edition also contains information on choosing between power and sail, cruising with pets, and satellite communication.

Diana Jessie has written and edited seven nautical books and numerous boating articles during her 30-plus years under sail and power, during which she and her husband have crossed all the world’s oceans and visited 60 countries on six continents.

The Cruising Woman’s Advisor is available in Paperback for, $18.95.

Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press


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