New Website Helps Sailors ‘Phone Home’ for Less

A new low-cost alternative to satellite tracking and expensive mobile phone charges is now available to sailors on cruising voyages worldwide. enables secure, personalized progress updates to be sent to loved ones back home whenever desired for a low, fixed fee.

Yachtplot can be used immediately on any boat, as it requires no additional onboard hardware. Operating via existing mobile communications equipment and the Internet, the system receives position data and personalized messages from crews abroad and displays these on a dedicated, password-protected mini-website.

Position reports and other information can be sent from boat to Yachtplot in any written form, including fax, email, SMS text and Inmarsat text message. The boat’s position is then plotted on an interactive map and any personal messages are added to its private bulletin board. Family and friends can gain password access to view information about the voyage from any online computer and send their own messages to those on board. For security reasons, unlike some traditional tracking systems, information is not accessible either to the general public or to other users of the Yachtplot service. As the two-way messaging remains within the Yachtplot system, no external email addresses are required, so unsolicited mail is avoided.

Subscriptions to cost from $2 per week per boat, and there is no charge for users accessing the system.

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