Race Results

Bayfield, Wisconsin
Lake Superior, July 7-8, 2006

Race results

Class 1
1) Integrity, Mike LaBore, Hudson, WI; 2) Anthem, Bryce Kalow, Bayfield, WI; 3) Toucan Play, Todd Ginker, Minnetonka, MN; 4) Interlude, Pat Kittler, Shell Lake, MN; 5) Take Five, Don Magnus, New Richmond, WI.

Islander 36 Aerie sailing in Sailfest. Photo by Bill Hooper.

Class 2
1) Aerie, Steve Burns, New Brighton, MN; 2) Harpswell, Lee Ganz, Golden Valley, MN; 3) Liberte, Jon Webster, Cottage Grove, MN; 4) Shanti, Gail Bowdish, Grand Haven, MI; 5) Legendary, Kevin Von Rieder, Stillwater, MN.

Class 3
1) Shell, Thom Burns, New Hope, MN; 2) Gandora, Scott Rasmussen, St. Louis Park, MN; 3) Shirley, Don Maxwell, Plymouth, MN.

Hunter 34, Jolly Swagman. Sailing the Sailfest race. Photo by Bill Hooper.

1) Anthem, Bryce Kalow, Bayfield, WI; 2) Wassail, Alex Johnson, Phillips, WI; 3) Jolly Swagman, James Huonder, Vadnais Heights, MN.

1) Harpswell, Lee Ganz, Golden Valley, MN; 2) Liberte, Jon Webster, Cottage Grove, MN; 3) Legnedary, Kevin Von Rieder, Stillwater, MN; 4) Shell, Thom Burns, New Hope, MN; 5) Prozac, Del Overholser, Zimmerman, MN.

1) Rattler, Neil Dietsche, Hudson, WI; 2) Shell, Thom Burns, New Hope, MN; 3) Jacqueline Renee, Robert Silbaugh, Austin, MN; 4) Gandora, Scott Rasmussen, St. Louis Park, MN.

1) Puff Along, William Bickner, Stillwater, MN; 2) Interlude, Jon Webster, Cottage Grove, MN.

1) Puff Along, William Bickner, Stillwater, MN; 2) Shirley, Don Maxwell, Plymouth, MN; 3) Ananka, Gene Broom, St. Croix Falls, WI.

1) Integrity, Mike LaBore, Hudson, WI; 2) Aerie, Steve Burns, New Brighton, MN; 3) Anthem, Bryce Kalow, Bayfield, WI; 4) Harpswell, Lee Ganz, Golden Valley, MN; 5) Liberte, Jon Webster, Cottage Grove, MN.

The Verve Cup Ends With Vivacious Winds and Beautiful Sunshine
Aug 20, 2006

Saturday night’s rain in the Chicago area gave the Verve Cup an extra boost for Sunday’s final racing day. Instead of the light winds from the previous two sailing days, the race day started with beautiful sunshine and a vivacious 10-20 knots of northeasterly winds.

As anticipated, Shawn & Jerry O’Neill, winners of the Mackinac Cup, won their section. Another Mackinac winner and now, Verve Cup winner is Tom Neill , in the GL70 section, with the boat Nitemare and Vik Warren’s boat, Rock On! was able to finish first this time in its section adding to the second place honors taken in the Mackinac Race.

The race finished off with good music from the group Flood Waters and the usual fanfare of Chicago Yacht Club grill with drinks provided by sponsors, St. Pauli Girl and Mount Gay Rum. Subaru, the major sponsor, also gave out free gifts and showed off their sporty vehicles around the dancing crowd.

Following are the results of the 2006 Verve Cup, the largest national regatta in the month of August, hosted by the Chicago Yacht Club.For pictures and more information log on to www.chicagoyachtclub.org.

Race Results


Tom Neill's Nitemare notches up another victory in the GL70 fleet - Verve Cup Offshore. Photo provided by BoatingShots.com.

GL 70
1. Nitemare, Tom Neill; 1. Evolution, Terry Kohler Pete Reichelsdorfer; 3. Mirage, Mirage Group Rick Woodworth; 4. Thirsty Tiger, Albert D'Ottavio; 5. Pied Piper, Jack Jennings.

Farr 40
1. Inferno, Phillip Dowd; 2. Iskra, Borys Jarymowycz; 3. Sea Note, Brian Hill; 4. Virago, Stuart Townsend; 5. Pendragon, Brian / Scott Jackman / Jackman.

1. Trader, Fred Detwiler; 2. Pinball Wizard, Les Ziolkowski; 3. Natalie J, Philip O'Niel III, D.D.S.; 4. Fine Line, Rich Montplaisir; 5. Tyrant, Donald Thinschmidt.

1. Scout, Jamie Hummert; 2. Sue, James Moller; 3. Raven, Stan Bailey; 4. Eagles Wings, John J Gottwald; 5. Nitemare, Tom Neill.

1. Eagle, Jerry/Shawn O'Neill; 2. Majic, Dorsey Ruley; 3. Spirit Walker, Vern McCain; 4. Serenissima, Robin Munden; 5. Heartbreaker, Eric Oesterle.

Beneteau 40.7
1. Finesse, Alan McMillan; 2. Vayu, Ron Buzil; 3. La Tempete, Tom Weber; 4. Collaboration 2, Bob Vickery; 5. Cancan Deux, Clemens Boltz.

J 109
1. Zeitgeist, Robert & Cornelia Zerban; 2. Lucky Dubie 2, Len Siegal; 3. Northstar, David Gustman; 4. Full Tilt, Peter Priede Roy Stewart;
5. KIII, Irv Kerbel.

Beneteau 36.7
1. Bella Luna, Joe Hyla; 2. Tried&True, Robert Foley; 3. Program, Warren Levins; 4. Rally, Paul Stscherban; 5. Joie De Vie, Marty Hastings.

J 105
1. Convexity, Donald Wilson c/o DRW; 2. Vytis, Tomas Petkus; 3. Messy Jessy, Dorin Candea; 4. Gigi, David Wagner; 5. RedPortLeft, Martin McKenna.

1. Skye, Tom/Jeff Edman/Hoswell; 2. Chaos, Bernbaum Amedio; 3. Jason, Edward Cohen; 4. Surface Tension, Jeff Schaefer; 5. Zoom, George Miz.

J35 Bozo's Circus launches to the front of PHRF 5 - Verve Cup Offshore. Photo provided by BoatingShots.com.

1. Bozo's Circus, Bruce Metcalf; 2. Regardless, Team Regardless; 3. Aftershock, Bill Newman; 4. Gauntlet, Guy Hiestand; 5. Irish Rover, Geary Finn.

Dennis Planxty's crew stage great comeback to win first J30 one design section in many years - Verve Cup Offshore. Photo provided by Boatingshots.com.

J 30
1. Planxty, Dennis Bartley; 2. Circus, Mike Bird / Charlie Wurtzebach; 3. Hallel, Bill Anderson; 4. Temptation, Dell Todd; 5. Awesome, Bill & Vivian Smith.

T 10
1. Tango, Martin Plonus; 2. Cheap Thrill, Nancy & Tim Snyder; 3. American Flyer, Steve Knoop; 4. Notorious, Blair Ross; 5. Glider, Bruce Lamotte.

1. Hot Lips, Steven/ Ross Mash’ 2. Captain Blood, Douglas Rogers; 3. Sorcerer, Don Draper; 4. Ticklish, Eric Landman; 5. Maskwa, Don Waller.

1. J/Guy, Richard Stearns; 2. Rampage, Bill Richardson;
3. Orion, Martin Finerty; 4. Assassin, Dude Where's Your Boat, Inc./ Susan Just; 5. Whisper, Barnes/Johnson/Schneider.

1. Jack-A-Roe, John Dybas; 2. Decoy, Ian Fisher; 3. Kahuna, Loren Thompson; 4. Free Agent, Miles DePaepe; 5. Mystified, Thomas McCluskey.

1. Adios, John Kosowski; 2. Blu Interlude, Thomas Kennedy; 3. Graffiti Train, Chris Berger; 4. Fox, George Pecherek.

1. Rock On!, Vik Warren; 2. La Otra Vida, Darius Keblinskas; 3. Zephyr, James Wallgren; 4. Exeter, John Notch.

E-Scow Nationals
Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota
Sept. 8-10

A record ninety-two E Scows participated in the largest E Scow Nationals ever held. The winner was Brian Porter of Winnetka, Illinois won the E Scow National Championship, held September 8-10, 2006 on Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis, MN. Finishing second was Dave Magno, of Lavallette New Jersey and third was Gordy Bowers of Wayzata Minnesota. Porter won his third Nationals in a row and seventh total with his star crew of Charlie Harrett and David Navin both of Lake Geneva, WI. Porter won two of the six races held and elected to not sail the last race and keep his final total score of 20 points with finishes of 7-1-1-6-5-(DNS).

E-Scow Nationals. Photo by www.DallasJohnson.net.

This years Nationals attracting boats from 23 different fleets from around the country. Racers from as far as New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Charleston, South Carolina competed. Pewaukee, Wisconsin had the largest turnout of off-lake boats with seven, followed by Mendota-Madison, Wisconsin with five.

Winds forecast to be light throughout the event in the days leading up to the event but picked up as a strong high pressure to the North and a stalling low to the south pumped breeze up every day. Most every race had full hiking conditions with a range of 8-22 knots for most races.

Blake Middleton of Wayzata MN was the Principal Race Officer and did a great job keeping up with the constantly shifting winds and repeated general recalls. At the competitors briefing Middleton commented that he had never in his long history of running races ever had to use a Z or Black Flag.

But that was not to be the case as he repeatedly had to use every trick in the book to get the fleet off the line cleanly. Judging the event were Ted Beier, Fred Summers and David Gross.

Race winners were: Race 1 – Sam Roger (Zenda, WI), Race 2 - Brian Porter (Winnetka, IL), Race 3 -Brian Porter (Winnetka, IL), Race 4 – Mark Beaton (Seaside Park, NJ), Race 5 - Sally Barkow (Nashotah WI), Race 6 – Dave Magno (Lavallette, NJ).

Gordy Bowers racing the E-Scow Nationals. Photo by www.DallasJohnson.net.

Finishing second was Dave Magno of Lavallette New Jersey from Barnegat Bay a hotbed of Eastern Scow racing. Going into the last race he was 11th overall and was able to leapfrog the tightly compacted fleet with his win in the last race. His finished of 4-10-9-(46)-12-1 for a total of 36 points was just two points ahead of ILYA Champion Gordy Bowers of Wayzata, Minnesota who had three seconds in the six race series. His finishes of 13-19-2-(33)-2-2 for 38 points was just enough to beat his local Minnetonka rival Tom Burton who finished fourth overall with 3-(18)-16-5-3-12 for 39 points. Fifth was Kevin Jewett who started the regatta on fire with three fifths in a row followed by a fourth. His last two races of (31) and 22 were his downfall.

The previous largest NCESA Nationals was in 1992 also hosted by Minnetonka Yacht Club with 83 boats on a sunny and windy September weekend that many will never forget. MYC with its large local E fleet, excellent facilities and amazing ability to provide housing in sailors homes (60 of 92) is a great venue for any class but with over a hundred years of scow racing tradition is well suited with some good organization to host spectacular E Scow Nationals. This years regatta chairs were Chrisy and Pat Hughes and they were tireless promoters and innovators months in advance.

Especially encouraging was the great turnout of young skippers participating. Fifteen skippers were under the age of 30 and five under 25 years of age. The oldest was Dick Turner of Chautauqua NY at 82 who was awarded a special plaque commemorating his 55 years of E-Scow Racing. The youngest was 21 year old Matt Schmidt of Slinger WI, who currently races for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Sailing Team and improved every race during the event to finish near the top half with a 20 year old boat.

Winning the Red Fleet was Rick Lemberg of Lake Wawasee Indiana; Will Demand of Seaside Park, NJ won the award for first time Nationals Rookie Skipper, and Richard Wight of Mantoloking won the Masters Division Two special service awards were given: The Allen Family of Lake Minnetonka Minnesota for their lifetime contribution and service to the National E Scow Class for and to Chrisy Hughes of Lake Minnetonka for her contributions as a women racer and contributor the class for her work to ensure a spectacular 2006 E Nationals Regatta.

Next year's National Championship will be held in Charleston, SC hosted by Carolina Yacht on June 22, 23, and 24th, 2007. This will be followed in 2008 by the 50th Anniversary E Nationals at Chautauqua Lake New York also to be held in June 2008. Full results are available at E-Scow.org along with hundreds of photos take by Tim Wilkes at timwilkes.com.

NCESA E-Scow Nationals, Sept 8-10, 2006

Final Results

1) Brian Porter, Geneva Yacht Club, Winnetka, IL; 2) David Magno, Lavallette, NJ; 3) Gordy Bowers, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Wayzata, MN; 4) Tom Burton, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Deephaven, MN; 5) Kevin Jewett, Pewaukkee, WI; 6) Chris Jewett, Minnetonka, MN; 7) Tom Monroe, White Lake Yacht Club, North Muskegon, MI; 8) Mike Darrow, Pewaukke Yacht Club, Pewaukee, WI; 9) Augie Barkow, Pine Yacht Club, Nashotah, WI; 10) Rob Evans, Minnetonka Yacht Club, Orono, WI; 11) John Dennis, Minnetonka; 12) Bill Allen, Minnetonka; 13) Richard Wight, Mantoloking; 14) William Demand, Seaside Park, NJ; 15) Peter Slocum, Minnetonka; 16) Jim Gluek, Pine; 17) Sally Barkow, Pine Lake; 18) Lon Schoor, Mendota; 19) Erik Johnson, Little Egg; 20) Robert Koar, Jr, Bay Head Yacht Club; 21) Peter Friend, Pewaukee; 22) Chad Hillyer, Toms River; 23) Mark Beaton, Seaside Park Yacht Club; 24) Ken Wruk, Lake Geneva; 25) Bob Donat, LEHYC; 26) David Strothman, Minnetonka; 27) Jule Hannaford, Minnetonka Yacht Club; 28) David Chute, Minnetonka; 29) Paul Magno, Lavallette, NJ; 30) Rick Turner, Chautauqua; 31) Vince Driessen, Gull Lake Yacht Club; 32) Joel Quadracci, Pine Lake; 33) Paul Kobs, Upper Minnetonka; 34) C Toby Sutherland, Grand Lake Yacht Club, CO; 35) Carl Horrocks, Lavallette Yacht Club; 36) Bri Porter; 37) Richard Ryon, Little Egg; 38) Terry Neff, Minnetonka; 39) Jon Schloesser, Oshkosh; 40) Jeff Solum, Minnetonka; 41) Van Johnson, White Bear, MN; 42) David Siege; 43) Dick Moran, Pine Lake; 44) Rob Terry, Crystal Lake Yacht Club; 45) Dan Guidinger, White Bear; 46) Ross Griffith, Carolina Yacht Club; 47) Peter Maas, Pine Lake; 48) Dave Irmscher, Wawasee Yacht Club; 49) Matt Schmidt, Mendota Yacht Club; 50) Doug Kuller, Minnetonka Yacht Club; 51) Will Martin, Carolina Yacht Club; 52) Dave Decker, Pewaukee; 53) Russell Lucas, Bay Head; 54) Jason Sutherland, Grand Lake, Colorado; 55) Tom Klaban, Crystal Lake Yacht Club, MI; 56) Robby Wilkins, Columbia Sailing Club; 57) Carl Zinn, Minnetonka; 58) Lance Puccio, Mendota; 59) Dierk Polzin; 60) Rick Lemberg, Wawasee; 61) Bob Herdrich, Wawasee Yacht Club; 62) Walker Wynkoop, Crystal Lake Yacht Club, MI; 63) Sam Rogers, Lake Geneva; 64) John Barlow, Upper Minnetonka Yacht Club; 65) Mark Jordan, Carolina Yacht Club; 66) Brant Nelson, Upper Minnetonka; 67) Bill Burns, Pewaukee; 68) Lee Alnes, White Bear Yacht Club; 69) Fred Chute, Jr., Minnetonka; 70) Woody Jewett, Minnetonka; 71) Doug Love, Bay Head; 72) Rob Davis, Minnetonka; 73) Jeff Seeboth; 74) Bruce Heverly; 75) Justin Segersten, Mendota; 76) Amanda Allen, Minnetonka; 77) Richard Halliday, Crystal Lake; 78) Ed Cox, White Bear Yacht Club; 79) Dave Anderson; 80) JB Van Meter, Wawasee Yacht Club; 81) Dave Abramson; 82) Peter Robinson, Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club; 83) Dick Turner, Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club; 84) Jack Zimmerschied, Minnetonka Yacht Club; 85) James Howey; 86) Chris Ruske, Grand Lake Yacht Club; 87) Mark Kieffer; 88) Bruce O'Donnell, Grand Lake, Colorado; 89) Christopher Creighton, Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club; 90) Warren Wilson, Cormorant Lake Sailing Club; 91) Scott Smith, Minnetonka; 92) Mike DeSantis, Minnetonka.

Corporate Sailing Challenge Benefits Underserved Youth

Chicago, IL (September 12, 2006) - Fair winds and sunny skies greeted the corporate philanthropists who participated in the teambuilding and sailing competition, The BIG Team Regatta Chicago Friday. The national and local organizations Booz Allen Hamilton, The Code Group, Credit Suisse, DRW Trading, The John Buck Company, The Proteus Group, and Sara Lee competed in the regatta organized by GEL (Group Experiential Learning) and Chicago Sailing. Along with generous donations from other sponsors, they raised $29,500 for Reach the World - Chicago, a youth education program and their sailing partnership with the Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Foundation (JFASF).

The teams gathered for a morning briefing and breakfast before cruising through the sparkling waves of Lake Michigan learning sailing and seamanship skills and bonding with co-workers. After a morning of training followed by lunch, corporations matched wits and put their teamwork to the test in an afternoon of stiff but friendly competition. DRW Trading triumphed in the races, their two boats capturing both first and second places, followed by the Booz Allen Hamilton Green Team, a valiant third.

The BIG Team Regatta's primary beneficiary, Reach the World (RTW), is a nonprofit educational program that uses the Internet as a gateway to connect low-income students and their teachers with travelers who are on real journeys, in the real world. The students follow these journeys through the website, http://www.reachtheworld.org, which provides detailed accounts tailored to fit the ISBE learning standards. Students follow the RTW crew online, and the crewmembers serve as their "eyes and ears" in faraway locations, providing a personal connection with the students and their education. RTW also provides professional development for teachers to learn how to teach with technology, interns to work in the classrooms, interactive field trips, and classroom visits where the crew meet and work with the students. Based in New York City, RTW is now extending its reach to bring global awareness and adventure into Chicago public schools.

The $29,500 raised from the BIG Team Regatta will have a huge impact on the program in Chicago and will fund fieldtrips for inner-city students to go sailing and further connect in-classroom learning with the real world.

To learn more about the BIG Team Regatta, call 1 888 GEL TEAM or visit www.gelcorp.com. To learn more about Reach the World, please visit www.reachtheworld.org

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