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Jim Marshall Passes

James Randolph Marshall, 75, of Duluth, Minnesota. He was a man with a big heart and was proud of being a lifelong Duluthian.

Jim was a salesman extraordinaire for Thermofax machines, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and Columbia Steel Casting Company. He and his wife, Beverly, owned and operated Chippewa Camping Outfitters. He is remembered as the first Bombardier Ski-Doo snowmobile dealer in the United States. Jim outfitted and guided numerous canoe trips into the BWCAW. He also operated a scuba diving shop in Duluth. From 1968 until his retirement in 2003, he worked for Columbia Steel Casting Company.
He was a member of Kitchi Gammi Club, Isle Royale Boaters Association, Isle Royale Family and Friends Association. Jim was the captain of his own boat, Skipper Sam II. He was a lifetime member of Duluth Power Squadron and was Port Captain for Duluth for the Great Lakes Cruising Club.

Captain Jim was the proud co-owner and chairman of Lake Superior Port Cities Inc., publisher of Lake Superior Magazine. His knowledge of Lake Superior, storytelling abilities and sense of humor were legendary. He traveled widely over Lake Superior and the hospitality of Skipper Sam II was well known in every port he visited. He contributed a bimonthly column in Lake Superior Magazine called “Lake Superior Journal.” He authored the book Lake Superior Journal and was author/contributor and editor of the book Shipwrecks of Lake Superior. His efforts were recognized this year with the Labovitz Lifetime Achievement Award by the UMD Center for Economic Development.

Major Course Change for Pacific Seacraft Corporation

At the Annual dealer gathering in Fullerton, Pacific Seacraft Corporation unveiled a bold initiative that promises to put the California yacht manufacturer at the forefront of the cruising sailboat market. In addition to their own Pacific Seacraft traditional-style cruisers, they now manufacture and market the Saga brand of high performance cruisers. The recent addition of Saga models to its line optimizes Pacific Seacraft’s production efficiency and also attracts a fresh new sailing slientele to its expanded line of products. The company’s new business strategy is designed to capitalize on the synergies between the brands.

A key element in Pacific Seacraft’s future plans is the recent appointment of Allan Poole to the CEO position. Mr. Poole is a life-long industry veteran with solid management credentials from executive stints at several leading North American and European boat builders. He began his career in Great Britain as a boatbuilder immediately after graduation from Strathclyde University in Glasgow with a degree in engineering. Subsequently, he has held high level positions at several US and Canadian firms. A lifelong sailor, his sailing resume ranges from world championship IOR “Ton Cup” racing to cruising around the Caribbean with his wife and family.

At the recent Pacific Seacraft Dealer meeting, Poole advised the dealers, “Pacific Seacraft is committed to expand on its 28 year record of building ‘America’s Best Cruising Sailboats’, according to Fortune Magazine, and not just rely on a well deserved reputation.”

I do see a golden opportunity to enhance the quality, durability and value of the Pacific Seacraft line by embracing technical advances made available to us in the 21st century.” Poole added, “The addition of Saga to our product line earlier this year introduced an array of modern materials and methods to our plant and its employees. The Pacific Seacraft line can profoundly benefit from this synergy as we apply these advances to our Pacific Seacraft brand. In the same vein the current Sagas we are now building have already been blessed with a myriad of refinements in specification and quality upgrades taken from the Pacific Seacraft legacy as we have adapted the Saga product to suit our standard in-house practices.”

Although the specifics were not made public, Poole indicated planning for business through 2008 was well developed. Production capacity has recently been increased, and finally, two completely new Pacific Seacraft models are now under development with one just handed over to Bill Crealock this past week.
Poole concluded, “I am excited and invigorated by this challenge. It’s an honor and an opportunity to take the helm at this time in its history and guide it to a new level of prominence in this millennium. I sense the same kind of excitement as the thrill of taking departure for a long ocean voyage - it’s the beginning of a great adventure. I invite our dealers, our owners and fans, as well as industry observers to pay close attention to Pacific Seacraft. We have a lot of news forthcoming.”

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