Falling off the dock or boat into the often-frigid waters of Lake Superior can be embarrassing, but it can also be dangerous. Gordy Ringberg at Pike’s Bay Marina in Bayfield, WI, installed 124 Up-N-Out™ Safety Ladders, which feature a unique design that prevents them from curling under the dock when let down into the water. This provides an easy-to-use solution for climbing out of the water after a dunking.
Ringberg positioned one ladder for every two slips, and set up ladders more frequently where appropriate. Though WI does not require marinas to have these ladders, Ringberg said an incident in the summer of 2004 prompted him to research what was available.

“One of our boater’s guests fell into the water and panicked a bit because there was no easy way to climb out,” he said.

The Up-N-Out Safety Ladder has 5 steps, each with a 12" rise, and has been tested to support 1,000 pounds. Made of all-stainless steel components, the ladder can be used in both salt and fresh water. When deployed the ladder extends 30" to 48". It is anchored by a powder-coated plate with a highly visible yellow Innotek polyarmor coating, and is labeled for emergencies only.

Ringberg likes the Up-N-Out because it’s easy to use and doesn’t look like a swim ladder, which helps discourage swimming. He also favors the patented design of the ladder, and that it stores up and out of the water.

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