Bad docking, careless neighbors and rafting can all result in damage. Boaters recognize the need for fenders, but finding ways to store them isn't easy. Inflatable fenders from Aeré solve both problems by providing the protection boat owners require while saving necessary space.

Aeré fenders come in over 20 sizes to accommodate nearly any craft and situation. Boaters can use larger fenders to guard against rough walls, or use longer fenders to protect a smaller boat from a larger one while rafted. Hanging the fenders horizontally provides a buffer between the hull and a dock.

Because they inflate and deflate in seconds and are lightweight, any member can handle the fenders. Aeré fenders are made of durable material using high-quality air valves and come in a variety of colors to fully customize the look of any boat.

Flat inflatable fenders are also available. Constructed of heavy-duty materials, they are similar to fender boards and help to protect the stern or swim platform when docking stern-to, rafting stern-to-stern with another boat or preventing smaller craft from damaging the platform while alongside. The fender's design prevents it from rolling under or on top of the dock or platform.

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