New Tall Ship for 
Mixed-Ability Sailors

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Throughout history, tall ships have created an aura of majesty and adventure. Tenacious, the largest wooden tall ship of its kind, was born from the idea of enabling able-bodied and physically disabled people to work and sail together.

In reaching its goal of building and sailing a tall ship, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST), a UK-based organization, demonstrated that almost anything can be achieved by a motivated group of mixed-ability people.
Construction of Tenacious began in June, 1996, with over 1,300 able-bodied and physically disabled people helping to build the ship alongside teams of skilled shipbuilders. The largest wood epoxy structure in the world, Tenacious is a three-masted barque, about 213' long, and boasts 21 sails.

It weaghs 690 tons, the approximate weight of two 747 jumbo jets. Completion of the hull and decks alone required the work of 36 people for over 105,000 man-hours. The ship contains 15 miles of wiring, 3 miles of piping and 7 miles of rigging. To power its two auxiliary engines, the craft has a fuel capacity of 40 tons - enough for a car to travel 300,000 miles.

The strategy used in designing this craft was to incorporate traditional ship design while using the latest and best components and products. One such product was WEST SYSTEM epoxy, the primary adhesive used throughout the construction of the ship.

WEST SYSTEM resin and hardeners are the base components of a two-part epoxy developed initially for use in wooden boat building. This epoxy, when cured, forms a high-strength plastic solid with superior mechanical properties. It was also selected for its ability to provide an effective moisture barrier, preventing rot fungi.
Siberian larch timber was chosen the most appropriate wood for the undertaking. Hard, dense and durable, it has a long grain and relatively few knots. Once glued together and encapsulated in WEST SYSTEM epoxy, its longevity at sea is greater than most traditional boat building hardwoods.

For those who would like to experience the tradition of tall ship sailing, adventure holidays are available aboard Tenacious and the JST's first ship, the Lord Nelson. Whether a novice, casual sailor or seasoned yachtsman, the voyages provide a unique adventure for all. For more information on the Jubilee Sailing trust program and the construction of Tenacious, visit the JST website at

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