Busch, Zimmermann and Feldtmann make history

ARG 34 Martin Busch, Eduardo Zimmermann and Maximo FeldtmannA new Argentine Champion after 6 years, ARG 34 with Martin Busch, Eduardo Zimmermann and Maximo Feldtmann were crowned yesterday after only two races during the past weekend in light winds. The team that after a year of inactivity in the Soling class and many years in the past achieving good results but unable to claim the highest trophy finally broke the ARG 32 team Edding dominance in the Argentine Scene.

The Championship were tuff, different wind conditions, a big fleet and 6 teams fighting at the top, in which team Altisur ARG 36 with Pablo Despontin, Pablo Noceti and Ezequiel F. Sasso took second and ARG 40 with Alejandro Chometowski, Julian Gazzari and Nicolas Moreno third. The Surprise came at the fourth place with ARG 28 Agustin Nottebohm, Alejandro C. Moore and Diego Weppler, in this team Agustin who for the first time beat the brother and the teacher Warburg after his recent training at the Audi Soling worlds in Chiemsee.

16 boats took part of the event, one of the biggest Argentine championship, inclusive thinking that 17 teams sailed the event (two shared one boat) a very old one that promises to continue trying and will look for help to improve performance for the SA champs next semester. They could not finish any race due to the 15 minutes time limit, but Eduardo Muller the owner without no experience at all with the Soling Class, and brothers Windmuller had the temple to go out every day and try it.

The ARG 1 Classic Trophy was again won by ARG 26 with Carlos Zotta, Ruben Salvucci and Fabian Marchese, they are sailing with a boat from 1975 and in light winds are really fast and achieved good races results.

Complete Results:


ARG 40 Alejandro Chometowski, Julian Gazzari and Nicolas Moreno

USA 853 Matias Collins, Leonardo Selva and Diego Stocik