Perfect conditions and keen competition set the scene for the final leg of the 2010 Cape Air Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle (C.O.R.T.) Series, the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival, raced out of Nanny Cay Marina, in Tortola, March 29 to April 4, 2010.

In Spinnaker Racing A, the crew on St. Croix's Robert Armstrong's J/100, Bad Girl, stretched their lead and handily won this Cape Air C.O.R.T. Series class by a comfortable five points. "We just tried to sail consistently," says Bad Girl tactician, Carlos Skov. "The level of competition has really come up all over." Meanwhile, Puerto Rico's Luis Juarbe's Henderson 30, Soca, held on to second place, while the BVI's Kevin Rowlette, aboard his Olsen 30, Rushin Rowlette, finished third.

Only two points separated the competition in Spinnaker Racing B going into the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival, yet St. Thomas' John Foster aboard his Kirby 25, The Good Bad & Ugly, ultimately won. "We went from being totally out of the running to winning," says Foster, who explained that his boat's mast was stolen two weeks before the first leg of the Cape Air C.O.R.T. Series at the St. Croix Yacht Club Hospice Regatta and he heroically worked with his son to source another in the U.S. and transport it down to St. Thomas. St. Thomas' Paul Davis driving his J/27, Magnificent 7, finished second, showing some awesome sailing talent from he and his crew throughout the series.

Cayennita Grande, a J/36 helmed by St. Croix's Tony Sanpere, won the Cape Air C.O.R.T. Series' Performance Cruiser class by a comfortable five points. "I think it's important to support the C.O.R.T. and do all three races," says Sanpere. "It's not easy. But, I was fortunate to have good crew. They flew in from all over to race with me - Miami, Baltimore." Meanwhile, Puerto Rico's Bernardo Gonzalez, aboard his Beneteau 35s5, Bonne Chance, finished second. Bonne Chance didn't sail in the second leg of the series, the Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta. Sailors are required to sail two out of three legs of the Series and they take penalty points for those legs they don't race.

It took a tiebreaker to determine the winner in the Cape Air C.O.R.T. Series' Racer-Cruiser Class. Both the BVI's Peter Haycraft's Sirena 38, Pipedream, and New Hampshire's Thomas Mullen, aboard his J/95, Shamrock VII, finished the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival with 5 points apiece. Pipedream beat Shamrock in the last race of the regatta to win the series.

St. John's Steve Schmidt's Santa Cruz 70, Hotel California, broke the tie that existed between him and St. Thomas' Howard Silverman's Jeanneau 54, Mary Ellen, going into the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival and won the Cape Air C.O.R.T Series Jib & Main class by one point. Mary Ellen finished in second.

Finally, the BVI's Colin Rathbun, driving his IC24, Lime, won the Cape Air C.O.R.T. Series IC24 class.


Spinnaker Racing A
1. Bad Girl - Robert W. Armstrong (3)
2. Soca - Luis Juarbe (8)
3. Rushin Rowlette - Kevin Rowlette (9)

Spinnaker Racing B
1. Good Bad & Ugly - John Foster (3)
2. Magnificent 7 - Paul Davis (6)

Performance Cruiser
1. Cayennita Grande - Antonio Sanpere (4)
2. Bonne Chance - Bernardo Gonzalez (9)

Racer Cruiser
1. Pipedream - Peter Haycraft (5)
2. Shamrock - Thomas Mullen (5)

Jib & Main
1. Hotel California - Steve Schmidt (4)
1. Mary Ellen - Howard Silverman (5)

1. Lime - Colin Rathbun (5)