Helly Hansen Hydro Power Footwear
Reviews by Michele Pufahl-Burns and Thom Burns

One of the logistical challenges I face when packing and preparing for two weeks of sailing in the Caribbean is what to take for my feet. True, most of the time is spent on the boat, but I do like off-boat time to amble about locations we’re anchored or taking more serious hikes where I’m trying to get more of a work-out.
Helly Hansen Hydro Power W Footwear.

Enter Helly Hansen’s Hydro Power W multi-sport shoe. Helly took their watersport technology and added support and overall comfort to make footwear that is not only great for on the water but also takes you off the boat and onto the trails with lots of comfort and style.

I was very impressed by this shoe both on and off the boat. The Ultra Storm Grip worked like a champ when I had to work jib sheets free that had fouled far up on the foredeck in 8 foot seas. I felt completely confident scampering about the deck even after getting completely soaked. And after a fresh water rinse they were dry in no time.

I recently put the Hydro Power shoe through its paces on land, participating in a “lap-o-thon” fund raiser for my son’s track team. Ten laps, or just over 2 miles later, my feet felt comfortable, well supported, and ready for another ten laps.

The LIFA mesh and outsole protect the feet but are also extremely cool and light weight. The heel and arch support, along with the full speed lacing system, allow the shoe to completely cradle the foot without feeling stiff or constricted. And with the Serdia odor absorption sock liner cover I can wear them without socks, which is a no-no with regular sneakers. Sporty looking, versatile, and comfortable, the Hydro Power W will deliver whether on the water or trail.

Michele is a contributing editor to Northern Breezes magazine and put her heart and sole into this review.
Top and bottom of Helly Hansen Hydro Power Footwear.

I recently had the opportunity to test the Helly Hansen Hydro Power footwear for three weeks in the Caribbean in a saltwater environment and also ashore and walking along the beach. Aboard the new Beneteau 50.4 Pasaje III the shoe was absolutely spectacular in gripping the deck in wet or dry conditions. The shoe was great in the transition from dinghy to shore and hiking around in a wet environment along the beach and rocks. One notable plus was how you could wash the shoe in fresh water and have them dry in less than an hour.
Helly Hansen Hydro Power Footwear.

Helly Hansen describes these shoes as a multi activity shoe for water and trail performance. All synthetic quick drying upper in a sporty oxford style, with contrast colored stabilizing high visibility overlays, a lace up front, and stretch fabric collar. Lifa® advanced moisture wicking fabric lining, cushioned, removable machine-washable footbed with W2® quick draining design for maximum dryness. Improved Storm Grip® wet/dry sporty traction outsole.

This shoe will rank among the very best boat shoes for traction, grip and versatility. I recommend that you check this shoe out before you buy your next boat shoe.

Captain Thom Burns publishes Northern Breezes and Sailing Breezes magazines.

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