SeaPack Emergency Desalination System
Now Available at West Marine
Turns Seawater Into Thirst-Quenching, Life Saving Drink

Manta Ventures, LLC today announced that US retailer West Marine now offers its unique SeaPack Emergency Desalination System.

SeaPack removes pure water from the sea and transforms it into a drink that is high in calories to provide life-sustaining energy - without having to hand pump or use electrical power. The passive system is portable, compact, easy-to-use - and low-cost.

During an emergency situation at sea, reliability and simplicity are vital. SeaPack makes a survival drink from any available water supply - salt water, brackish water, even muddy water. It is small enough to fit in a kayak, liferaft canister or in an emergency ditch bag and costs about $100 per pack.

West Marine has nearly 400 stores located in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Its catalog and Internet channels offer customers approximately 50,000 products. Visit or in the US call 1+ 800.685.4838.

For more information about SeaPack, visit or call 757-619-3614.

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