Marine Fuel Costs On the Rise -
Five Wintertime Tasks To Save Gas This Summer

With fuel costs on the rise, the nation's largest boat owners' group has five fuel saving tasks that can put a dent in your summer fuel bills. All of these tips from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) are time tested to reduce fuel consumption, and boaters can accomplish most of them now while their boats are in winter layup - before the boating season begins.

Boat Association: Marine Fuel Costs On the Rise - Five Wintertime Tasks To Save Gas This SummerLighten the load: It's one of easiest no-cost things to save on gas, and applies to just about every boat type on the water - power, sail or fishing. With the boat on jack stands or in the garage, jump aboard and take a good look at what you really need and clear out all of that junk under the floorboards, in lockers, or in less-used storage areas. And, if she's already in in the slip, remember that water weighs over eight pounds per gallon. Carrying more than necessary in freshwater and waste tanks is almost as bad as flushing money down the head.

Get a tune-up: An annual engine tune-up, whether you do it yourself or ask a marine professional, is a must for any powerboat owner. It's also likely to save you the most money on gas in the long run.

Check the prop: To avoid any delay in launching this spring, take your motor's prop to your marina, dealer or local prop shop now while they are less busy and can repair any dings. It's also good to have a discussion on your current boating needs.

Trailering fuel-saving tips: Check tire pressure for proper inflation, ensure you have a tight fitting cover to decrease wind drag. Also, a five or six mile per hour decrease in towing speed will give a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption.