Furlex goes electric!
Two versions: original equipment and upgrade kit

Furling the sail at the touch of a button can easily be considered the height of comfort and convenience but only found on mega yachts.

Now - with the Furlex 200E (Electric) - Seldén is offering the luxury of push-button sailing for the masses. The Furlex 200E (Electric) is intended for boats with a forestay diameter of ¼" - 5'16" (i.e. yachts of about 30 feet to 35 feet).

Owners with a manual Furlex 200S system can upgrade to electric power. The control line, drum and line guard assembly are replaced with a Furlex 200E motor housing unit. The through-deck components for the cables and the electric control box are all included in the upgrade kit.

The Furlex 200E (Electric) is designed around a highly efficient 12V or 24V electric motor. Power is transmitted to a self locking worm gear to rotate the luff extrusion. The motor uses only 30 amps under normal load. Since it only takes 20- 30 seconds to reef or furl the sail the power consumption is negligible.

In order to counteract overloading, the system comes with a built-in overload cut-out. If the sail is reefed without previously easing the sheet, the power is immediately switched off. The overload cut-out is automatically reactivated a few seconds after the In or Out buttons are released. In the event of a loss of power the sail can be reefed manually.

The Furlex 200E had its world première in November at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam. Seldén plans on starting series production in spring 2007.

A complete original equipment system will cost somewhere in the region of $3000-$4000. An upgrade kit for use with a manual Furlex will cost about $2000.

For more information: sa@seldenus.com

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