High-Density Filler Creates Strong Cure

To suit different applications, epoxy can be thickened with adhesive fillers. Developed for maximum physical properties, WEST SYSTEMŽ Brand 404 High-Density Filler is ideal for hardware bonding where high-cyclic loads are expected.

By modifying the resin/hardener mixture, it can also be used for filleting and gap-filling where maximum strength is necessary. WEST SYSTEM 404 High-Density Filler is an off-white powder. When mixed with epoxy, it cures to an exceptionally strong plastic.

The WEST SYSTEM product line includes resin, hardeners, fillers and additives for coating, bonding and fairing applications. These products can be used on wood, fiberglass or metal. WEST SYSTEM also provides dispensers, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.

The suggested retail price of the 15.2-ounce WEST SYSTEM 404 High-Density Filler is $11.35. The 43-ounce container costs $27.10. The 30-pound size retails for $195.60.

Contact West System, 866-937-8797; www.westsystem.com.

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