High-Efficiency Electric Outboard Runs On Lead Or Lithium-Manganese Batteries

When an electric outboard needs to be very efficient to make the best use of limited battery supply, the powerful and lightweight BaseTravel 801 from Torqeedo may be the ideal solution. Torqeedo’s award-winning electric outboards are an innovative alternative to low-power internal combustion engines and conventional trolling motors.

The BaseTravel 801 comes with a fixed, non-foldable shaft and connects to standard lead batteries. It operates at 24 V and has the same superior efficiency as other Torqeedo models.

When mobility or back-up batteries is desired, Torqeedo’s replaceable 7.7-lb. lithium-manganese battery can serve as a lightweight yet powerful additional power supply. It is available as an accessory.
The unit weighs just over 20 lbs. and delivers propulsive power of 336 watts, which is comparable to a 2 hp combustion outboard. Its input power is 800 watts.

An efficient propeller features a big diameter, a high pitch and runs at low revs. Torqeedo’s 12"x10" propeller shows the highest diameter and pitch in its power class.

Available in 23" short shaft or 28" long shaft models, suggested retail price of Torqeedo’s BaseTravel 801 is $1,199. The optional 7.7 lb. lithium-manganese battery costs $599.
Contact Torqeedo Inc., 847-726-0054. usa@torqeedo.com; www.torqeedo.com.

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