2011 Masters & Italian Championship
Lake Iseo, Italy
June 17 to 19

Triple tie at the 2011 Masters, crowns CAN 225

Once again CAN 225 Peter Hall this time with Frank Lavrsen and Berend Vree climbs the podium, by sailing superb at the last day of the Championship in Lake Iseo, Italy.

It was not the perfect weather at lake Iseo during the event, but seven races were sailed and the 20 teams from 5 different nations and 3 continents also contesting the Italian Championship and Vittorio Porta enjoyed once more the hospitality from AVAS.

The last racing day saw refreshed sailors after a great gala dinner the night before, including jokes, international phone calls made by some sailors to others far overseas that couldn’t  attend the event, etc.

CAN 225 at the masters event which counts results separate from the Italian Open adjusted they score by achieving a second and two bullets to bring home after his European tournee that comes to an end. The last bullet broke the tie against GER 232 Jörg Hermann, Karsten Eller and Tim Giesecke and also team Audi Ramadabalaton HUN 77 Gyorgy Wossala, Karoly Vezer and Peter Nemeth, all with 14 points.

The fight to complete the two left steps in the podium was won by GER 1 Roman Koch, Maxl Koch and Gregor Bornemann followed by the ARG 42 Alberto Zanetti, Gustavo Warburg and Ricky Homps who left outside the best italian team ITA 188 with Giuseppe Rossi, Roberto Minola and Alessandro Sgorbato.

It was not the same destiny for CAN 225 at the Italian Open Championship in which Jorh Hermann, Karsten Eller and Tim Giesecke with GER 232 won the event over CAN 225 who by winning the last race left the third place at the podium to HUN 77.

GER 304 with Thomas Maschkiwitz, Stefen Wenzel and Christof Wossala who didn’t make the masters Category finished 4th just ahead GER 1.

The Italian Champion cup ended to a local sailor ITA 188 Giuseppe Rossi, Roberto Minola and Alessandro Sgorbato, they were seconded by ITA 215 with Michele Campagnoni, Davide Arata and Domenighini also local sailors and third ITA 251 Michele Tognozzi, Querci and Giulano Carotti coming from the tyrrenean see at Castiglione della Pescaia.

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