Progressive Development Company Amble Resorts Adds Belize Island Property to Repertoire

CHICAGO, June 1, 2011 -- Burgeoning eco-resort development company Amble Resorts has acquired the 80-acre southern tip of the island known as Long Caye in Belize. The island sits on Lighthouse Reef, a remote coral atoll in the world's second largest barrier reef system. Amble plans to create an ecologically responsible resort on Long Caye for those who crave privileged access to some of the Caribbean's most spectacular natural sites.

A white-sand paradise, Long Caye's singular proximity to premier diving makes it an ideal site for a world-class resort. The Great Blue Hole, made famous by Jacques Cousteau, is revered as one of the world's must-see dive sites, but most divers must undergo a two-hour boat ride over open sea to get there. Once Amble's resort on Long Caye is complete, guests will be just minutes from the famous site, as well as another two dozen prime dive locations, including Half Moon Wall, the Aquarium and Cathedral.

The key to the resort's success will be Amble's passionate dedication to sustainability, a passion shared by the property's former owners, Long Caye Belize. Blake Ross, director of Long Caye Belize, would not have sold this rare parcel to just anyone. "We are excited about our partnership with Amble Resorts - sustainability is at the heart of our shared mission," says Ross. "The team at Long Caye has worked diligently over the years to preserve this pristine, unique eco-system. We know Amble will continue to do the same, while welcoming visitors who come to experience the paradise that is the Lighthouse Reef." Ross is part of the small group that has owned Long Caye since 1968, and will maintain an interest in Amble's resort project.

Long Caye is more than a diver's paradise; it is a haven for nature lovers and sun worshippers as well. Amble's property is bordered on one side by the Long Caye nature preserve and bird sanctuary, and on the others by over two miles of sandy coastline, so Amble customers will enjoy a diversity of outdoor pleasures. Over time, Amble will build approximately 30 hotel rooms and 100 vacation homes, as well as everything a guest or homeowner needs for a luxurious island experience, including a spa, restaurant, and a superior menu of services.

Long Caye is the second Amble acquisition. In 2008 they purchased the spectacular 434-acre Isla Palenque in Panama, which is currently in an early construction phase. Amble plans to implement the same ecologically conscious approach on Long Caye that they have become known for on Isla Palenque. "'Sustainability' and 'eco' are a lot more than marketing buzz words to us," says Amble President Benjamin Loomis. "They are inherent necessities for providing the sort of immersed-in-nature experience our customers seek."

With the purchase of the Long Caye property, Amble has exhibited a knack for finding exceptionally privileged natural sites in emerging international travel markets. Says Loomis, "Long Caye and Isla Palenque are composed of very different ecosystems, but our goal is always the same: we want to preserve the pristine environments we discover so that others may enjoy them for generations."

To follow the progress of Amble Resorts, watch for news and updates.


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