The Green-Motion system

The Green-Motion system is developed to eliminate the use of fossil fuel on any sailing yacht. All energy needed to motor, cook, heat water and use all electric equipment is supplied by the system.


The new electric Motogen* is retractable so the drag while sailing is minimized and sailing with very low wind conditions is possible. The Motogen* is light weight, extremely efficient and usable in all sailing yachts from 30 - 90 ft (9 - 29 m).


Electric energy is generated sailing with the Motogen(s)* down and is stored in Lithium Ion batteries.

The Green-Motion system

Sailing with the Motogen(s)* retracted eliminates drag from the propulsion system and increases the speed and efficiency of the yacht. Extensive testing has been done with a ‘proof of concept’ sailing yacht, sailing in excess of 10.000 Nm.

CO2 neutral

This green propulsion/generation system is C02 neutral. The system produces no smoke, smell, noise, soot or vibration. With the use of the wind and the sun the yacht becomes perpetual mobile.


With the rising cost and polluting effect of fossil energy, this system creates a green maintenance free solution to sail the world.

* Motogen = motor/generator

Motogen* range Equivalent hp diesel
10 kW 30 hp
20 kW 60 hp
30 kW 90 hp

Green Motion Options Optional energy generation
Motogen* Retractable mechanism Solar panels
Cable set LCD readout Wind generator
Controller/control handle Lithium Ion batteries Back-up generator

The Green-Motion system

Revolutionary fossil fuel free retractable propulsion generation system.

The Green-Motion system

The Green-Motion system

The Green-Motion system