Korea Match Cup - A Hard Day at the Office for YANMAR Racing

Korea Match Cup is underway in Gyeonggi in South Korea. This event is Stage 3 of the ISAF World Match Racing Tour (WMRT).

Today was the first series of Round Robin Matches at Korea Match Cup and it was a hard day at the office for Peter Gilmour and his YANMAR Racing crew.

Four times ISAF World Champion Peter Gilmour (AUS) and his YANMAR Racing crew of Martin Berntsson, Cameron Dunn, Yasuhiro Yaji and Thierry Douillard had hoped for a better start to the Round Robin series being sailed off Gyeonggi in Korea.

Dockside Tactician Cameron Dunn lamented 'Not a great day at the office. Light conditions, four to seven knots - it was the tale of the one that got away.

'Our first race was against defending World Champion Adam Minoprio. We had a good start and we were leading on the second down-wind. I chose the wrong option; in very light conditions we gybed too early and missed the pin. We were slow. Adam was coming in with pressure and he beat us across the line by half a boat length.

'In the second race against Johnie Berntsson of Sweden, Peter gave us another good start. We were leeward on port tack, we were higher and faster and we bounced him away and cleared away for a good win.

'In match three we bombed the start against local favourite Gunwoo Park. We were port entry, in very light conditions and were instantly on the back foot. The Korean Champion led us off the start line and sailed very well. The left was favoured and he never gave us a sniff of it -he was a well deserved winner.'

Dockside Gilmour smiled ruefully. 'No, not a good day ... we are going to have to tighten up our game.'

Bowman Yaji summed up. 'We will be regrouping tomorrow. We sailed relatively well, got two good starts; we should have had better results. We have to do better tomorrow.'