Got a Boat Trailer Question? Ask the "Trailering Guys"

Maintenance and Repair Help from The BoatU.S. Trailering Club

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 23, 2010 -- No matter whether you trailer your boat across the country or simply across the marina parking lot to the launch ramp, keeping it's trailer in serviceable and safe condition is important. Now boaters and anglers with questions about boat trailer maintenance, safety and repair can get free advice from the BoatU.S. Trailering Club's "Trailering Guys," two experts known for their down-to-earth guidance who can help ensure your boat makes it to the next launch ramp.

Like an auto club for boaters and anglers, the BoatU.S. Trailering Club offers roadside assistance services for disabled tow vehicles and boat trailers. The Club's Trailering Guys are Dustin Hoover, owner of Legendary Trailer Repairs, a mobile trailer repair service that specializes in trailer chassis repairs, and the BoatU.S. Foundation's own Ted Sensenbrenner, a lifelong boater with years of practical trailering experience shuttling his own boats to races.

The Trailering Guys take questions from BoatU.S. members and share them in each issue of BoatU.S. Trailering Magazine, the official publication of the BoatU.S. Trailering Club. Now the duo -- who sometimes approach a subject from different points of view -- is accepting questions from any trailer boater, and can be reached by e-mailing them at or by going to .

"We want every trailer boater and angler to know there is help they can call on," said BoatU.S. Trailering Club Director Beth McCann. "This is one more benefit to being a BoatU.S. Trailering Club member that we'd like to open up and share with more boaters and anglers," she added.