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Gary DeSantis, 59, Sailor's World Killed While Riding Bicycle

Gary DeSantis, 59,
Sailor's World Killed While
Riding Bicycle Gary DeSantis, owner of Sailor's World Marina on Lake Minnetonka was hit by a motorist while riding his bicycle about 6:15 pm Wednesday, May 19th. Gary left an extensive sailing legacy in the sailing business, sailboat racing and in mentoring sailors.

In the seventies, Gary and two partners changed the landing on Smith's Bay to Sailor's World and eventually bought it. While they owned Sailor's World they were at different times the number one Chrysler sailboat dealership, S-2 dealership and Freedom Yachts. Most recently Gary sold Island Packet and Catalina Yachts.

In the mid-nineties, Gary and his wife Cheryl, bought their partners out of Sailor's World. They completely refurbished the marina, club house and grounds transforming Sailor's World into a first rate marina on Lake Minnetonka.

Many, many young folks and members of the sailing community where accepted, trained and mentored by Gary over the years. He was very well respected and loved by many of his employees and contemporaries in and out of the sailing community.

Gary was preceded in death by his father and wife Cheryl Sayler DeSantis. He is survived by children: Rachel, Michael, Elizabeth, Jason and Anna; wife, Michele Erikson DeSantis and stepchildren JJ and Sam; mother, Elverna DeSantis; and sister, Mary DeSantis.

Gary was not an ordinary man. He was quick to befriend with a warm greeting and smile. Many, many friends and family will miss his friendship and unique humility which defined him in a special way./Thom Burns