Edoardo Lupiís Torpyone Ahead At 2010 Audi Invitational

Porto Cervo, 25 June 2010 - The first day of the Audi Invitational has completed with only one race held to commence the third stage of the 2010 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series.

Edoardo Lupiís Torpyone with Branko Brcin on tactics, won the only race of the day. Light air conditions prevailed with the breeze never reaching more than 8 knots, making for a tremendous tactical challenge.

Lupi progressively built his lead for the win. B-LinSailing.comís Luca Lalli with Lorenzo Bressani on tactics came in a close second while Filippo Pacinotti on Brontolo with the Cassinari brothers is third.

Mascalzone Latinoís Audi Team, owned by Vincenzo Onorato (helmed by Alessio Marinelli with Tommaso Chieffi as tactician) had really good boat speed, enough to beat out Carlo Alberiniís Calvi Network with Gabriele Benussi on tactics and only because of a collision with Pacinotti.

During the evening, the official Audi Invitational party took place on the elegant terrace of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. More racing is to come on Saturday as teams canít wait to get back to serious Melges 32 competition at the 2010 Audi Invitational.

Full Results (After 1 Race)
1.) Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 1 pt
2.) Luca Lalli/Lorenzo Bressani,; 2 pts.
3.) Filippo Pacinotti/Giovanni Cassinari, Brontolo; 3 pts.
4.) Allesio Marinelli/Tomasso Chieffi, Mascalzone Latino Audi Team; 4 pts.
5.) Carlo Alberini/Gabriele Benussi, Calvi Network; 5 pts.
6.) Peter Rogers/Ruaridh Scott, Highlife; 6 pts.
7.) Martin Knetig/Martin Trcka, Black Mamba; 7 pts.
8.) Mauro Mocchegiani/Matteo Ivaldi, Rush Diletta; 8 pts.
9.) Kees Kaan/Rutger Krijger, ROARK; 9 pts.
10.) Ferdinando Battistella, L. Brun; Cuervo Y Sobrinos; 10 pts.
11.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 11 pts.
12.) Wolfgang Stolz/Stephen Mohr, Opus One; 12 pts.
13.) Roberto Pardini/Salvatore Pardini, Janas; 13 pts.
14.) Guido Miani/Riccardo Simoneschi, F.lli Giacomel Audi Team; 14 pts.
15.) Edoardo Pavesio/Carlo Fracassoli, Fra Martina; 15 pts.
16.) Carlo Pesenti/Pietro DíAli, i.nova.2; 16 pts.

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